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Sociology: Y11-12 Induction Homework

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which act brought in free compulsory schooling for children up to 14?
    The Fisher Act
    The Education Act
    The Butler Act
    The Education Reform Act
  • Q2
    Which word means: "A system where schools compete with each other to attract students"?
  • Q3
    Which word means: "A system where people earn their status through ability and effort"?
  • Q4
    In the Butler Act, which type of school best supported bright, working class students?
    Grammar School
    Secondary Technical Schools
    Secondary Modern Schools
  • Q5
    What is one problem with the Butler Act's Tripartite System?
    Those in Secondary Moderns enjoyed their education
    There were too many Secondary Technical Schools
    Grammar Schools allowed social mobility
    Those in Secondary Moderns had lower self-esteem
  • Q6
    What is the self-fulfilling prophecy?
    When a student makes a prediction about their future
    When a student has self-belief
    When someone is labelled and lives up to their label
    When a teacher labels a student negatively
  • Q7
    Which of the following was NOT an aim of the Comprehensive System?
    To reduce divisions in society
    To build student self-esteem
    To allow parental choice in education
    To provide equality in education for all
  • Q8
    Why can it be argued that Comprehensives did NOT reduce inequality?
    Working class and Middle class students were in the same schools
    Middle-class students went to more private schools
    Middle-class students saw their educational achievement improve
    Middle-class students went to schools in more affluent areas
  • Q9
    Identify one major change brought in by the Education Reform Act
    Led to sink schools
    Reduced competition
    Increased equality
  • Q10
    What is a sink school?
    A school that is lower in the country
    A school that has succeeded
    A school that attracts fewer students, and has a poor reputation
    A school with a lot of kitchens

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