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SOL Practice 1 - Set 2

Quiz by Brittany D. Smith

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  • Q1
    What are the two themes addressed by the author of the passage?
    success in business and pursuit of education
    the love of family and dedication to work
    balance of personal life and fulfillment of dreams
    commitment to coworkers and development of leadership
  • Q2
    Which sentence from paragraph 6 best supports both themes?
    "Because of the model you've provided me since such a young age, I strive to be like you in every way."
    "You leave the company today, and tomorrow I take on my share with my sisters- but never will you be forgotten."
    "My love for you, combined with all that you have taught me, will drive this company's continued success."
    "Still, I know I will never live up to your greatness, and I, along with my sisters, will be a pale shadow in your wake."
  • Q3
    Why does the author wait until the third letter to indicate that the Lear sisters are writing in response to their father's request?
    to build a sense of drama
    to identify the favorite sister
    to indicate which sister is most sincere
    to create mystery about the company

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