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SOL Review 4, 5, & 6

Quiz by Bryan Hill

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    Ms. Puff was 15 minutes late for work when she stopped at a red light. She is demonstrating which character trait of a good citizen?
    respect for the law
  • Q2
    Which is NOT a function of political parties
    to nominate candidates
    to separate fact from fiction
    to monitor actions of officeholders
    to help candidates win elections
  • Q3
    What is the MOST important function of political parties?
    educate the electorate about campaign issues
    nominate candidates for election
    help candidates win elections
    monitor the actions of officeholders
  • Q4
    How many main political parties are there in the US?
    2, 485, 743
  • Q5
    Third parties play an important political role by....
    winning a majority of votes
    raising money
    bringing up new issues and ideas
    getting on the ballot
  • Q6
    What does it mean when a political party "appeals to the political center" ?
    appealing to people who live in the Midwest
    appealing to people who don't lean to either extreme in politics
    appealing to people who are extremely liberal
    appealing to voters who don't choose a party
  • Q7
    A DIFFERENCE between the major political parties in the US is
    they are organized to win elections
    they influence public policies
    they define themselves in a way to win majority support
    what is stated in the party's platform
  • Q8
    The FCC imposed an equal-time rule, requiring stations to give equal time to opposing candidates. By doing this, the FCC makes the media fulfill which of its roles?
    detecting bias
    emphasizing certain issues
    broadcasting different points of view
    writing editorials
  • Q9
    Limits on the amount individuals can contribute to political candidates exist because of
    campaign finance reform laws
    rising campaign costs
    third parties
    electoral college process
  • Q10
    Which is not a method people can register to vote in Virginia?
    by mail
    go to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
    go online
    Go the nearest Krusty Krab in their community
  • Q11
    To vote in Virginia, voters must be all of the following EXCEPT
    at least 18 years old
    a VA resident
  • Q12
    Which of the following factors does NOT determine who will most likely vote:
  • Q13
    Why would candidates target large population states when campaigning?
    Because small states succeeded from the Union in the Civil War and never official reentered the Union
    Because only large states' electoral college votes count
    Because small states' electoral college votes are not important
    Because large states have a greater number of electoral college votes than smaller states
  • Q14
    The Electoral College elects
    the President and Vice-President
    Governors of each state
    The Pope
  • Q15
    In Virginia, the powers of the local government come from:
    The Legislative Branch
    The State Constitution
    The US Constitution
    The Executive Branch

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