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Solar System

Quiz by Pam Woith

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    What describes why we have 4 seasons?
    It only has 1 moon in its solar system.
    It orbits the sun and rotates on its axis.
    It has bodies of water with different currents.
    It only has 1 star in its solar system.
  • Q2
    Why does the sun look so bright?
    The other stars are moving away from earth.
    The sun has no solid surface.
    The sun is closer than the other stars.
    The other stars have their own solar systems.
  • Q3
    Why do shadows change at different times throughout the day?
    the rotation of the solar system
    the rotation of the moon
    the rotation of the earth
    the rotation of the sun
  • Q4
    Why are some constellations visible in the Northern Hemisphere but not the Southern Hemisphere?
    Because earth's magnetic field keeps them fixed
    Because earth revolves around the sun
    Because the atmospheres are different
    Because the sun's brightness makes them hard to see
  • Q5
    What if you lived outside the Milky Way galaxy?
    You'd be closer to earth's sun.
    The earth's sun would be the brightest and most visible.
    You would have a different sun to look at and your length of day would probably be different.
    The earth's moon would still be visible.
  • Q6
    Why does the sun seems to be the brightest star?
    It's the biggest star.
    It's the closest star.
    It's the brightest star.
    It's the hottest star.
  • Q7
    What star is the hottest?
    yellowish white
    blue white
  • Q8
    Another word for spin is.....
  • Q9
    Which of the following is a star?
    the Sun
    the Moon
  • Q10
    Why can't we see other stars during the daytime?
    Because we aren't facing them
    Because they aren't out
    Because the light from the sun blocks them
    Because there aren't stars in that direction
  • Q11
    Which direction is gravity pulling objects?
    towards the Earth
    to the floor
    away from the sun
  • Q12
    How could you represent day and night with a globe and a light bulb?
    Spin the globe near the light bulb.
    Turn the light bulb on and off near the globe
    Tilt the globe and rotate the light bulb
    Move the lightbulb in a circle around the earth
  • Q13
    What is another word to tell the star's brightness?
    rotational motion
    apparent motion
    absolute magnitude
    apparent magnitude

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