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Quiz by Kaamiya Burroughs

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What type of matter can sound travel through?
    All of the Above
  • Q2
    What type of pitch occurs when objects vibrate slowly?
    Low Pitch
    No Pitch
    High Pitch
    I Don't Know
  • Q3
    An object that produces a fast moving vibration will produce what type of pitch?
    High Pitch
    No Pitch
    Low Pitch
    I Don't Know
  • Q4
    John plucks a string on a guitar and listens to the sound it makes. What should he do to play a higher pitch?
    Pluck the same string more gently.
    Pluck a shorter string.
    Pluck a longer string.
    Pluck the same string harder.
  • Q5
    When sound moves through the air, what happens to the particles in the air?
    They move back and forth, or vibrate.
    They make electricity.
    They turn into liquid.
    They make light.

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