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Space and Technology

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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of the Hubble Space Telescope?
    Detect radiation in space to find life.
    Collect rock samples from Mars for scientists to analyse.
    Tell us whether or not the moon is flat.
    Gather light from cosmic objects that will allow scientists to better understand the universe.
  • Q2
    On what date was the Curiosity Mars Rover launched?
    28 August, 2011
    13 September, 2011
    7 May, 2011
    27 November, 2011
  • Q3
    When were telescopes made available to Henry IV of France and others?
    Before the beginning of 1608.
    Before the end of 1608.
    Before the end of 1604.
    Before the beginning of 1604.
  • Q4
    Why wasn't the Hubble Space telescope launched on it's planned date?
    Due to an engineer dying in the creation process.
    Due to a malfunction, explosion and human injury.
    Due to the Defier disaster, budget problems and a last minute malfunction.
    Due to technical delays, budget problems, and the Challenger disaster it’s official launch was delayed.
  • Q5
    When was the Hubble Space telescope supposed to be launched?
  • Q6
    Who is Hans Lippershey?
    A British optometrist that invented the first telescope.
    A Dutch-Italian engineer who invented the first satellite.
    A German-Dutch spectacle maker who invented the telescope.
    A French engineer who invented the first space shuttle.
  • Q7
    Order these telescope inventors in chronological order:
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