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Spanish 1 Unit 5 Present Progressive

Quiz by Alexandra Wong

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What does the present progressive mean?
    is doing something
    going to do something
    did something
    have just done something
  • Q2
    select the present participle
  • Q3
    what is the formula to create the present progressive?
    estar in the future and the present participle
    the present participle and estar
    estar in the present plus the present participle
    estar and the past participle
  • Q4
    I am eating
    estoy comiendo
    estoy como
    estoy comando
    estoy comiando
  • Q5
    We are sleeping
    estamos durmiendo
    estamos dormiendo
    estamos dormiando
  • Q6
    She is writing
    esta escribiendo
    esta escribiando
    está escribiendo
    está escribando
  • Q7
    you (formal) are serving
    esta sirviendo
    está sirviendo
    está sirviando
    esta sirvando
  • Q8
    they are playing soccer
    están jugando fútbol
    están fútbalando
    estan jugando futból
    estan jugando futbol
  • Q9
    Carlos and I are going
    estamos yendo
    estamos iendo
    estamos viendo
    estámos yendo
  • Q10
    the teachers are returning the homework
    estoy devolviendo
    estamos volviendo
    están devolviendo la tarea
    están volviendo la tarea
  • Q11
    When do we use the present progressive?
    to talk about what happened
    to talk about things happening right now
    to talk about the past
    to talk about things that are about to happen

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