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Spanish Influence

Quiz by Teacher Clarie

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    How come most of our practices came from the Spaniards?
    They are the respected people.
    They are the rich people.
    They are the people who treated us with freedom.
    They conquered us for more than 300 years.
  • Q2
    Why is Religion the most important gift of Spaniards to us?
    it taught us how Christianity works
    it taught us how we should love ourselves more
    it taught us how to be happy
    it taught us how to become friends with everybody
  • Q3
    How was the Philippines discovered by the Spaniards?
    because of Ferdinand Magellan
    because of our beautiful houses
    because of rich Filipinos
    because of our ancestors
  • Q4
    How did these Spaniards treated the Filipinos during their time?
    as masters
    as landowners
    as rich people
    as slaves
  • Q5
    Who were allowed to go to school during the time of the Spaniards?
    boys only
    old people
    boys and girls
    girls only
  • Q6
    How did the Spaniards practice their power over us?
    They let us follow their laws.
    They let us become their superior.
    They let us become their partners.
    They let us became their friends.
  • Q7
    What law did they let us practice during their colonization?
    cleaning the house
    paying of taxes
    marrying people
    going to church
  • Q8
    Who were the leaders during the time of the Spaniards?
    Land Owners
  • Q9
    How were women treated during the time of the Spaniards?
    They were slaves at home.
    They were teachers.
    They were masters.
    They were respected wives.
  • Q10
    Is our government nowadays, the same with the government during the time of the Spaniards?

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