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Spanish Phrases - At the Hospital

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  • Q1
    What does '¿Dónde está el baño?' mean?
    How are you feeling?
    What is your name?
    Do you speak Spanish?
    Where is the bathroom?
  • Q2
    What does '¿Puede ayudarme?' mean?
    Where is the doctor?
    How much does it cost?
    Can you help me?
    What is your name?
  • Q3
    What does 'Tengo dolor de cabeza' mean?
    My foot hurts
    I am hungry
    I am lost
    I have a headache
  • Q4
    What does 'Necesito ver un médico' mean?
    What time is it?
    Where is the pharmacy?
    I need to see a doctor
    My phone is broken
  • Q5
    What does '¿Cuánto tiempo tardará?' mean?
    How long will it take?
    Do you have any pets?
    Are you married?
    What is your favorite color?
  • Q6
    What does '¿Dónde está la recepción?' mean?
    Where is the reception?
    What is your phone number?
    How old are you?
    What is your address?
  • Q7
    What does 'Por favor, siéntese' mean?
    Thank you very much
    I am sorry
    Please sit down
    Excuse me
  • Q8
    What does '¿Cómo se siente?' mean?
    Do you have any children?
    Where is the museum?
    How do you feel?
    What time is it?

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