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Special senses

Quiz by X. Pham

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  • Q1
    What are the three cells in olfaction?
    Olfactory receptor cells, supporting cells, and basal cells
    Photoreceptor cells, sensory cells, and basal cells
    Gustatory receptor cells, auditory cells, and basal cells
    Motor neurons, sensory neurons, and supporting cells
  • Q2
    Where does the olfactory bulb sit in the brain?
    It sits in the in the mental foramen.
    It sits above the cribiform plate of the ethmoid bone, inferior to the frontal lobe of the brain
    It sits in the sella turcica
    It sits in the foramen ovale in the skull.
  • Q3
    Which process is initiated when an odorant binds to a receptor?
    Energy production
    G-protein cascade
    Protein synthesis
    Cell division
  • Q4
    What is anosmia?
    Fear of open spaces
    Inability to taste sweet flavors
    Excessive sweating
    Loss of the sense of smell
  • Q5
    Which of the following structures are involved in gustation?
    Olfactory receptors
    Auditory hair cells
    Vallate (circumvallate), fungiform, foliate, and filiform papillae
  • Q6
    What is the function of the lacrimal gland?
    Releases tears and mucus into tiny duct to help lubricate and wash away debri
    Controlling blood pressure
    Regulating body temperature
    Producing tears to keep the eyes moist
  • Q7
    The papillary dilator muscle is controlled by what?
    The somatic nervous system
    The autonomic nervous system
    The parasympathetic nervous system
    The sympathetic nervous system
  • Q8
    What are cataracts?
    Inflammation of the cornea
    Clouding of the eye's natural lens
    Bacterial infection in the eye
    Tearing of the retina
  • Q9
    What are the two types of photoreceptors in the eye?
    Cornea and lens
    Retina and sclera
    Iris and pupil
    Rods and cones
  • Q10
    What is retinal derived from?
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B

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