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23 questions
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  • Q1
    the cell in your worksheet that has been selected. It will have bolder grid lines around it.
    active cell
  • Q2
    a feature that allows you to quickly apply the contents of one cell to another cell or range of cells selected.
    auto fill
  • Q3
    a function that automatically identifies and adds ranges of cell in your worksheet
    auto sum
  • Q4
    A cell is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet. You enter data into cells to create a worksheet.
  • Q5
    the name of the cell is determined by the name of the row and the column intersecting, such as A8.
    cell address/ reference
  • Q6
    The lines on your worksheet that separate the columns and rows.
    cell grid
  • Q7
    a vertical group of cells in a worksheet identified by letters
  • Q8
    when you move the mouse while holding down the mouse button (usually the left) to select a range of cells.
  • Q9
    a document that is stored on a computer. In Google a file is also known as a workbook.
  • Q10
    a feature that allows you to copy information in an active cell to another cell or range of cells selected vertically
    fill down
  • Q11
    the small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the active cell
    fill handle
  • Q12
    A feature that allows you to copy information in an active cell to another cell or range of cells you have selected horizontally.
    fill right
  • Q13
    A formula is an expression entered in a cell that performs numeric calculation, logical comparison, or text string manipulation.
  • Q14
    A command line above the worksheet where text, numbers, and formulas are entered into a worksheet.
    formula bar
  • Q15
    a drop down menu item and a button on the standard toolbar that allows you to select a formula that you wish to apply to the data in your worksheet.

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