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SS 8 H1-H2

Quiz by Katie Cott

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  • Q1
    What two tribes were living in Georgia in the 1600s
    Paleo, Woodland
    Aztec, Seminole
    Creek, Cherokee
    Sue, Cherokee
  • Q2
    Which early American Indian group was living in Georgia when Europeans first arrived
  • Q3
    What was Christopher Columbus looking for when he first discovered the Americas?
    new trade routes
    proof Earth was round
    proof Earth was flat
    Native Americans
  • Q4
    Why did Hernando DeSoto explore the southeastern area of North America
    He was looking for new medicines
    He was looking for a city of gold
    He was looking for new people to befriend
    He was looking for new rivers to enjoy
  • Q5
    Which of the following describe early American Indians?
    nomadic people who moved in search of food
    built rivers and mounds
    built cities, hunted with guns
    built mounds; hunted with bow and arrows
  • Q6
    What was the main impact of Spanish Conquistadors on American Indians
    Most American Indians happily embraced European culture
    Thousands of American Indians were killed by diseases
    American Indians gained new skills
    American Indians learned how to use new medicines
  • Q7
    The Spanish explorers who tried to force their dominance, culture, and religion on American Indians were known as
  • Q8
    Why did European diseases kill thousands of American Indians when the Spanish first made contact with them?
    The Spanish never washed their hands
    because they did not receive vaccinations available to the Spanish
    because they had no immunity to European diseases
    because the Spanish planned to use disease warfare
  • Q9
    What was the most devastating European disease that spread through Indian villages
    chicken pox
    small pox
  • Q10
    What was the purpose of Spanish missions established on the barrier islands of Georgia
    to convert the Natives to Catholocism
    to provide a vacation retreat for Natives and Spanish alike
    to protect the mainland from attack by France
    to convert the Natives to Protestantism
  • Q11
    Where were the missions established
    Mountains; near Catholic churches
    Fall Line; near power plants
    Barrier islands; near important villages
  • Q12
    Which of the following was one of Britain’s interests in the New World
    to share North America with Spain and France
    to help Spain control the American Indians
    to learn more about the land, people, and animals of this new land
    to add North America to its empire
  • Q13
    What was Great Britain’s policy of mercantilism
    to import more than it exported
    to import manufactured goods from around the world
    to import raw materials and export manufactured goods
  • Q14
    How did the colonies help Great Britain gain wealth?
    by selling raw materials to other countries
    by supplying manufactured goods
    by supplying raw materials used to make manufactured goods
  • Q15
    Why did poor and middle class British citizens come to the New World
    to gain freedom of speech
    In search of new opportunities
    religious freedom

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