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SS Unit 8

Quiz by Cecilia A Perez

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  • Q1

    What effect did immigrants have on Texas in the 1800s?

    They helped the economy grow with farming, ranching, and businesses.

    They helped settle only West Texas.

    Everyone celebrated the same holidays.

    They helped keep Texas small.

  • Q2

    In the mid-1800s, what part of the state did a large number of immigrants move to?





  • Q3

    What is the best way to characterize the population of Texas in the 1800s?

    largely urban

    largely suburban

    largely barren of people

    largely rural

  • Q4

    Due to inexpensive land, many immigrant groups made a living as...

    soldiers and nurses

    bankers and business owners

    acrobats and circus performers

    farmers and ranchers

  • Q5

    During the late 1800s, which industry made many people move to West Texas?





  • Q6

    What happened to towns as the number of Texans grew?

    All through Texas new towns formed and old towns grew.

    All through Texas old towns became very small.

    The towns stayed the same.

    The towns in west Texas were the only ones that grew.

  • Q7

    When Texas seceded, which side did it belong to?

    It never seceded. This is a trick question.

    Confederate states

    The entire state of Texas was still part of Mexico.

    Union states

  • Q8

    During the Civil War, northern troops blocked the port of Galveston. How did this affect people in Texas?

    They could not sell their cotton products.

    They could not sell their oil products.

    They could not go on beach vacations.

    They could not go on large boats.

  • Q9

    Which statement BEST describes an effect of the Civil War on the Texas economy?

    Oil companies moved out of the state.

    Sharecropping and tenement farming increased.

    Cotton production stopped.

    Factory workers took jobs on farms.

  • Q10

    During the Reconstruction, which of the following did the Texas government have to do before re-entering the Union?

    elect Sam Houston as governor

    write a new constitution and create a new state government

    divide into two separate states

    elect Andrew Johnson as president

  • Q11

    Which celebration recognizes the date when slavery ended in Texas?

    Freedman's Day


    Emancipation Day

    Fourth of July

  • Q12

    The Texas cattle industry increased profits (money made) because everyone wanted meat. This is an example of...

    supply and demand

    boom and bust

    checks and balances

    boom and bust

  • Q13

    Texans in the 1800s could become cattle ranchers because the economic system of Texas allows for

    businesses to use state railroads to deliver goods to market

    producers to get a reward for meeting government quotas for production

    consumers to require businesses to produce needed products

    individuals to have the free choice of creating their own businesses

  • Q14

    After the Civil War, some laws were passed to limit the activities of newly freed African Americans. These laws were...


    Black Codes

    Community Curfews

    Freedman’s Bureau

  • Q15

    One political impact of the Civil War on Texas was

    falling prices for cattle

    more wheat and corn grown for market

    declining numbers of immigrant families

    creation of a new state constitution


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