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SS8 G1/H1/H2 Unit 1 Review

Quiz by Katie Cott

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  • Q1
    Three reasons Georgia was founded according to the Charter of 1732
    Religious freedom, Mercantilism, Glory
    God, Gold, Glory
    Glory, Religious freedom, Economics
    Economics, Defense, Philanthropy
  • Q2
    Which was banned from the colony by the Charter of 1732
  • Q3
    The Charter of 1732 required colonists to
    own slaves and large plantations
    defend GA against Spanish attack and grow mulberry trees
    sell their land if they become wealthy
    vote in all elections and attend church
  • Q4
    How did Mary Musgrove help found Georgia
    She served as translator for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
    She was an excellent business woman
    She was a great guide who knew trails and shortcuts throughout the Southeast
    She married Tomochichi
  • Q5
    Mary Musgrove made the settlement of Savannah possible. Why was Mary Musgrove able to translate for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi?
    She had travelled to England many times
    She was fluent in both English and Creek language
    She was married to Tomochichi
    She was able to use sign language and draw pictures
  • Q6
    What role did Tomochichi have in the founding of GA?
    He fought Oglethorpe at the Battle of Savannah
    He sold the settlers tobacco and wine
    He allowed Oglethorpe to settle on Yamacraw Bluff
    He married Mary Musgrove
  • Q7
    Where was Savannah located?
    Blue Ridge
    Piedmont Region
    Yamacraw Bluff
    Okefenokee Swamp
  • Q8
    Which correctly describes Jews in GA?
    banned by Charter of 1732, allowed to settle in GA because of the work of Dr. Samuel Nunes
    allowed by the Charter of 1732, later banned because of fears they 'd side with the Spanish
    banned by the Charter of 1732, allowed to settle in GA because of their battle skills
    banned by the Charter of 1732, allowed to settle in GA because of their farming skills
  • Q9
    Which correctly describes the Salzburgers?
    Catholics, pro-slavery, came to GA seeking religious freedom and to escape persecution
    protestant, Lutheran, spoke German, settled at Ebenezer
    Jewish people from Portugal, came to GA to make wine
    Excellent soldiers, came to GA to defend the colony
  • Q10
    Why did the Salzburgers come to GA?
    Religious freedom and to escape persecution
    to defend GA from the Highland Scots
    to defend GA from the Spanish
    Economics reasons
  • Q11
    Describe Highland Scots
    Jewish, anti-slavery
    Catholic, pro-slavery
    Great doctors, peaceful
    Great soldier, hard-working
  • Q12
    Where did the Highland Scots settle
    New Ebenezer
  • Q13
    Malcontents were
    unhappy about the rules
    happy about the rules
    unhappy about the weather
    Jewish settlers who were against slavery
  • Q14
    Why were the Malcontents unhappy?
    Because they wanted rum, slavery, and to be able to buy more land
    Because they were against slavery
    Because they were against Britain
    Because they were against alcohol
  • Q15
    Did the Malcontents get their way about slavery? Why
    no, they were not allowed to purchase rum
    yes, they got the trustees to ban slavery
    yes, they got slavery so that they could grow more crops and compete SC plantations
    no, they were not allowed to purchase land or slaves

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