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SS8 H11 Modern Civil Rights Review

Quiz by Katie Cott

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  • Q1
    In what court case did the Supreme Court declare that segregated public schools were unconstitutional?
    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Brown v. Board of Education
    Scopes Monkey Trial
    Leo Frank Case
  • Q2
    What reason did the Supreme Court give for declaring segregation unconstitutional?
    separate is but equal gives black children an advantage that the court did not want them to have
    separate is never equal; causes psychological damage by making black children feel inferior
    separate but equal is fair as long as both facilities are equal`
  • Q3
    As civil rights movement leaders, what major events did John Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr. help organize?
    Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. BOE
    Sibley Commission, Montgomery Bus Boycott`
    March on Washington, Albany Movement
  • Q4
    What were the goals of SCLC and SNCC?
    to end the Sibley Comission
    peaceful, nonviolent protests of segregation and discrimination
    violent protests to end segregation
  • Q5
    During which major Civil Rights movement event did protesters gather in the nation's capital to demand equal rights and to push for Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act?
    Albany Movement
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    March on Washington
  • Q6
    What speech did Martin Luther King, Jr. give that had a major impact on the Civil Rights movement here as well as around the world?
    I Have a Dream
    The Gettysburg Address
    Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  • Q7
    Because of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Lester Maddox was told he had to serve African Americans at his restaurant. What did he do?
    closed his restaurant
    expanded his business and became much wealthier
    continued to serve only whites until he left the restaurant to become governor
  • Q8
    What change did GA make to its flag in 1956?
    Added the Confederate battle flag
    Removed the Confederate battle flag
    Added a blue background
  • Q9
    Why did GA change its flag in 1956
    to show support of desegregation
    to show loyalty to the Union
    to show resistance to desegregation
    to show resistance to Lester Maddox
  • Q10
    What was the purpose of the Sibley Commission?
    to determine how Georgians felt about desegregation
    to determine the constitutionality of desegregation
    to show support for desegregation
    to get the opinion of African Americans with regard to desegregation
  • Q11
    Who was the first African American mayor of a major southern city?
    Maynard Jackson
    William B. Hartsfield
    Andrew Young
    Ivan Allen, Jr.
  • Q12
    Who was the first African American elected to Congress from GA since reconstruction?
    Andrew Young
    William B. Hartsfield
    Ivan Allen, Jr.
    Maynard Jackson

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