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SS8H5 Pretest: The Civil War

Quiz by Christie Thompson

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    Why did Southern states threaten to nullify the tariff on imports enacted by Congress in 1828?

    The tariff caused imports to cost more which helped Southern states.

    I don't know

    The tariff caused imports to cost less which helped Northern states.

    The tariff caused imports to cost less which hurt Northern states.

    The tariff caused imports to cost more which hurt Southern states.

  • Q2

    With the Georgia Platform, Southern states agreed to accept the Compromise of 1850 in exchange for Northern states:

    promising to eliminate the Fugitive Slave Act

    I don't know

    agreeing to secede from the Union

    refusing to accept the Compromise of 1850

    promising to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act

  • Q3

    Who received the highest percentage of the popular vote?

    Question Image





    I don't know

  • Q4

    Approximately what percentage of electoral votes did Abraham Lincoln receive?

    Question Image

    I don't know





  • Q5

    Which factor contributed most to Abraham Lincoln’s victory?(Not all factors described are accurate—see map for details.)

    Question Image

    Southern states were split between two democratic candidates.

    Northern states had higher population, giving them more electoral votes.

    I don't know

    Border states sided with the North and supported Abraham Lincoln.

    Western territories supported Abraham Lincoln.

  • Q6

    How did Georgia make the decision of whether or not to secede from the Union?

    Georgia citizens voted in a special election.

    Georgia’s governor made the decision based on what he thought was best for Georgia.

    Georgia business leaders held a vote.

    I don't know

    Georgia's legislature called for a special convention representing all counties to vote on the issue.

  • Q7

    Why did Southern states begin to secede after the election of 1860?

    They believed Abraham Lincoln would try to stop slavery from spreading.

    They believed Abraham Lincoln would force Southern states to build factories.

    I don't know

    They believed Abraham Lincoln would try to abolish slavery in the South.

    They believed the results of the 1860 election had been counted incorrectly.

  • Q8

    What was the purpose of the text marked as Section 1 (highlighted in blue)?

    Question Image

    to free slaves in states fighting against the Union

    I don't know

    to free slaves throughout the world

    to free slaves in all of the United States

    to free slaves in the U.S. border states

  • Q9

    What was the largest and most significant battle in Georgia during the Civil War?

    I don't know

    Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Chickamauga

    Battle of Fort Pulaski

  • Q10

    What was the primary purpose of General Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign?

    I don't know

    to blockade roads leading into Atlanta in order to force troops there to surrender or starve

    to supply food and ammunition to Confederate troops in Atlanta

    to cripple the South by capturing and destroying its manufacturing and railroad hubs

    to capture Atlanta as a gift for President Lincoln

  • Q11

    Which event is described by the text in the box?

    Question Image

    The Battle of Chickamauga

    I don't know

    Sherman’s March to the Sea

    The Atlanta Campaign

    Scott’s Great Snake

  • Q12

    Which statement best summarizes Georgia’s role in the Civil War?

    Georgia played a major role in the Civil War, and Georgians sacrificed and suffered much loss and hardship.

    Georgia avoided becoming involved in the Civil War, and Georgians were not affected.

    Georgia played a minor role in the Civil War, and as a result, Georgians were barely affected.

    I don't know

    Georgia played a minor role in the Civil War, but Georgians still suffered and lost much.

  • Q13

    Which of the following locations was a Confederate prison?



    I don't know

    Bunker Hill


  • Q14

    What act returned run-away slaves to the south?

    Fugitive Slave Act

    Emancipation Proclamation

    Compromise of 1850

    Georgia Platform

    I don't know

  • Q15

    Which law set a precedent, or example, for admitting two states at a time: one free and one slave?

    I don't know

    Compromise of 1850

    Fugitive Slave Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Missouri Compromise


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