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SSA Review - Waves

Quiz by Katie Heter

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  • Q1

    What does the red light component of the spectrum represent?

    Question Image

    the portion of white light with the highest wave frequencies

    the portion of white light with the longest wavelengths

    solar radiation that is not visible to humans

    visible light that is most similar to gamma rays

  • Q2

    In the future, space scientists detect a new type of radiation that had not yet been documented. Which of the following statements about this new discovery is most accurate?

    Question Image

    The new discovery strengthens our understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum because we have more information than we had previously

    The new discovery weakens our current understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum because it means our previous understanding was incorrect

    The new discovery means it is more likely that there are other undiscovered types of radiation that scientists have not yet found

    The new discovery means that this undocumented type of radiation is a new phenomenon that did not previously exist

  • Q3

    A student is listening to the radio. A dentist is taking a patient’s X-ray.  What do the two forms of radiation have in common?

    Question Image

    Both are forms of energy that are also produced by the sun

    Each is driven by visible radiation

    Both apply low-frequency radiation to technology

    Each is a form of energy that transports sound waves

  • Q4

    Before beginning her investigation, Zoe studies the relationship between frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic waves. How should Zoe describe this relationship in her notes?

    Question Image

    Wavelength decreases as the frequency of electromagnetic waves increases

    Wavelength increases as the frequency of electromagnetic waves increases

    Frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic waves depend on radiation type

    Frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic waves are unrelated to one another

  • Q5

    Next, Zoe studies the energies of visible light, radio waves, and infrared light. She wants to rank the three types of waves in order of least energetic to most energetic. In what order should she list the three types of waves?

    Question Image

    radio waves < visible light <infrared light

    radio waves < infrared light <visible light

    visible light < infrared light <radio waves

    visible light < radio waves <infrared light

  • Q6

    The effect that water droplets in the air have on sunlight is most similar to which of the following?

    Question Image

    radio broadcasting waves of radiation

    small buckets absorbing visible light

    drinking straw carrying visible light

    prism refracting visible light

  • Q7

    In which of these situations would a rainbow most likely be visible?

    Question Image

    in the beam of a flashlight on a warm evening

    when a mist rises over a waterfall

    under a dark cloud before a rainstorm

    underwater, when sunlight reaches the bottom

  • Q8

    What event does the image illustrate?

    Question Image

    refraction of light as it moves into B

    reflection of light at the surface of C

    absorption of light by D

    reflection of light by A

  • Q9

     The image illustrates how light is affected when passing through liquids and gasses. Is sound affected the same way?

    Question Image

    Yes, because travelling through D also makes sound waves slower

    Yes, because sound waves are also slowed by travelling through B

    No, because travelling through D makes sound waves faster

    No, because sound waves travel faster when travelling through B

  • Q10

     Which of the following changes to the girl’s observation would most likely eliminate the illusion?

    Question Image

    chilling A, which would slow the movement of light waves

    warming C, which would speed up the movement of light waves

    removing B so that only D remains

    reduce the glare on the surface of B by observing on a cloudier day

  • Q11

    Keysha wants to know how light behaves when it interacts with different materials. She points the laser light at the flat side of the glass block and observes that the light bends when it moves from air into glass. Which of the following phenomena is responsible for this bending of light?

    Question Image





  • Q12

    Keysha and Moises are taking a tour of a cavern system. Keysha runs 500 meters ahead of Moises as she explores. Keysha wants to show Moises something really interesting. What would be the most effective way to get Moises’s attention?

    Question Image

    Tap the wooden railing along the path

    Hit a plastic pipe running above the path

    Clap as loudly as she can

    Pound on the rock wall with another rock

  • Q13

    The colors of the visible light spectrum are arranged according to which property?

    Question Image

    refraction rate

    heat intensity

    light intensity


  • Q14

    Which piece of art demonstrates reflection?

    Question Image





  • Q15

    Which statement correctly describes how radiation from the Sun influences everyday life?

    Question Image

    Gamma rays make it possible for people to see colors

    All of the Sun’s radiation is known as UV light and it is harmful to people

    People depend on the Sun’s radiation to grow food

    Only the visible portion of the radiation spectrum influences people’s activities


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