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SSP2: Lesson 8A,8B,8C,8D

Quiz by John Hardin

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  • Q1

    A user's _______  and  _______ can be stored on a Smart Card

    Identity / Authorization

    Username / Password

    VLAN / VPN

    Certificate / Private Key

  • Q2

    An Identity Provier (IdP) is a:

    service that provisions and manages accounts

    service that provides certificates

    service that replaces the need for passwords

    service that provides the game you want to play

  • Q3

    An example of a site using Federated Identity Management is:

    A "Sign on with Smart Card" button

    A "Sign on without Password" button

    A "Sign on with Group Policy" button

    A "Sign on with Google" button

    A "Sign on with Kerberos" button

  • Q4

    When using Single Sign on (SSO), a user recieves a:

    faster login response

    encrypted hash secret

    encrypted private key

    new password prompt

    cryptographic token

  • Q5

    Provisioning accounts, issuing credentials and allocating physical assets are a part of:


    Azure AD Policies

    Running a background check

    Continuous Authentication

    Mobile Device Management

  • Q6

    A document asserting that an employee will NOT share confidential company info is:

    an SSID

    an MDM

    an NDA

    a Mandatory Vacation

    an Azure AD policy

  • Q7

    Why do we need to manage user privileges?

    to discourage job rotation

    to mitigate insider threats

    to encourage shared accounts

    to encourage VPN usage

    to mitigate inefficiencies & fraud

  • Q8

    Which of these might uncover fraud, errors or inefficiencies?

    Job rotation

    Separation of duties

    Mandatory vacations

    Least privilege

  • Q9

    Assigning employees permissions they need to do their jobs and nothing more is an example of:

    Least privilege

    Separation of Duties

    Job rotation

    Mandatory vacations

  • Q10

    One employee ordering new equipment and another employee authorizing payment for that equipment is an example of:

    Mandatory vacations

    Separation of duties

    Least privilege

    Job rotation

  • Q11

    Which of these reduces the critical dependencies on one employee?

    Least privilege

    Separation of duties

    Job rotation

    Mandatory vacations

  • Q12

    Disabling all accounts and privileges when users quit is:

    Separation of duties

    Least privilege


    Mandatory vacations

    Job rotation

  • Q13

    Guest accounts are _____________

    Safe logons

    Privileged logons

    Anonymous logons

    Standard logons

  • Q14

    True or False?  It's faster and easier to assign privileges to each individual user, one at a time.

    This is only true with shared accounts



  • Q15

    User accounts are defined by unique ____________

    Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

    Security Identifiers (SIDs)

    Service Providers (SPs)

    Identity Providers (IdPs)

    Organizational Units (OUs)


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