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Quiz by Cecilia A Perez

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  • Q1

    Title each list with the government it describes.

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  • Q2

    Why did the Spanish monarchy appoint viceroys?

    to promote trade

    to act as governors

    to create a line of succession

    to exile political opponents

  • Q3

    Spain controlled all new settlement in North America.

    True or False
  • Q4

    Why is Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla known as the “father of Mexican independence”?

    He encouraged citizens to fight against unfair rule. 

    He wrote the Mexican Constitution of 1824.  

    He founded ranchos that turned into modern cities. 

    He helped Moses Austin establish a colony. 

  • Q5

    What is the purpose of a constitution?

    to promote tourism and the nation’s industries 

    to create charters for businesses and trade routes

    to determine the line of succession of the monarchy

    to establish the purpose and rules of government

  • Q6

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly.

    … one of the new government’s first tasks was to create a constitution. A committee of seven men submitted a draft of the constitution to the Mexican government in November 1823.

    “Mexican Constitution of 1824”

    What was the reason Mexico needed to draft a constitution?

    to create peace with the U.S.

    to settle trade routes with Spain

    to claim all American Indian land

    to establish a government 

  • Q7

    Put these events in chronological order.

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  • Q8

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly.

    Hidalgo … served as the parish priest of Dolores for thirty years. During that time, he worked hard to improve the economy of the area and enhance the lives of its people. 

    “Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla”

    What characteristic best describes Hidalgo based on the passage?


    oppressive   (cruel or unjust use of authority or power)



  • Q9

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly.

    [Austin] presented his plan to the Spanish officials, but they refused his request and threatened to arrest him if he didn't leave.

    … before he left, he was reacquainted with an old friend, Baron de Bastrop. Bastrop knew the Spanish officials and he found Austin's plan exciting. He offered to present Austin to the government. … Austin [later] learned Spain would let him establish a colony in Texas. 

    “Moses Austin”

    Which phrase supports the idea that Bastrop changed Spain's attitude?

    Austin presented his plan to the Spanish officials. 

    He was reacquainted with an old friend.

    Bastrop knew the Spanish officials.

    Spain would let him establish a colony in Texas. 


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