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SS_Unit5Assessment_Gr4 Redo

Quiz by Cecilia A Perez

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  • Q1

    One way Paleo-Indians entered the Americas is from  ___________by way of the ___________.

    Asia; Bering Strait

    Europe; Guadalupe Mountains

    Africa; Rocky Mountains

    Australia; Atlantic Ocean

  • Q2

    Match the American Indian group with its major characteristic.

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  • Q3

    The people pictured here are most likely part of which village?

    Question Image


    Lipan Apache



  • Q4

    Study the image.  Why are these people making a canoe?

    Question Image

    transportation to another village or they used them to fish for food

    they used them to plant small crops inside 

  • Q5

    Which conclusion can be made about Texas?

    American Indians hunted but did not live in Texas. 

    Many different tribes lived in the region that is now Texas.

    Texas welcomed many American Indian tribes from Europe. 

    There were no natural resources in Texas to support tribes. 

  • Q6

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly:

    Some tribes are indigenous, or native, to Texas. … Other tribes came to Texas later. … These tribes left their homelands due to an influx of American settlers, wars, and government policy that forced them out of their lands.

    “Origins of Texas Tribes”

    What can be concluded based on the passage?

    Settlers and tribes shared resources equally. 

    Groups migrated to Texas before Europeans. 

    There are no American Indians in Texas. 

    Tribes left European homelands for Texas. 

  • Q7

    American Indians valued land ownership above everything else.

    True or False
  • Q8

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly:

    …disease and fighting with the white settlers killed many of the Wichita. While fighting between native peoples and white settlers continued, the Wichita moved away… [to] Oklahoma.

    “Origins of Texas Tribes”

    Why did the Wichita move to Oklahoma?

    to escape conflict

    to follow bison herds

    to trade with settlers

    to find fertile soil

  • Q9

    Read the passage from Studies Weekly:

    The Comanche lived in bands throughout the Plains of Texas. …[and] were taught at an early age how to ride and fight on horseback. …[W]arriors forced other tribes off their land and controlled much of the southern Plains. … They used the bison for food, clothing, tools and shelter. 

    The Comanche often fought with and killed settlers trying to build houses on their hunting grounds. They were often assisted in battle by their allies, the Wichita and Kiowa Indians.

    “Origins of Texas Tribes”

    Which fact from the passage best supports the claim that the Comanche were fierce warriors?

    Bison were an important resource. 

    Warriors fought and killed invaders.

    Children learned to ride horses. 

    They lived in nomadic bands. 


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