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STAAR Review - Summary

Quiz by Laura Hodde

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  • Q1

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil. It will be the 20th year of the World Cup. Brazil was chosen in October of 2007 to host the competition. Earlier in the year, South America had been chosen as the continent for the contest. Brazil was the only country to put in a bid. This is the second time Brazil will host the World Cup. The country hosted it in 1950. It is the first World Cup to be held in South America since 1978. Argentina hosted then. No other South American country has hosted the World Cup more than once.

    Which of the following best summarizes the passage above?

    The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil. It is the second time Brazil has been chosen to host the World Cup. Brazil is the only South American country to host the World Cup twice.

    The 20th World Cup will take place in 2014. In 2007, it was decided that the competition would be held in South America. It is the first World Cup in South America since 1978.

    In October 2007, Brazil was chosen to host the 20th World Cup. Brazil has already hosted the World Cup before. 1978 was the last time a South American country hosted the World Cup.

    Early in 2007, South America was chosen as the continent for the 20th World Cup. Brazil was the only country that put in a bid. Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950.

  • Q2

    Opportunities to help others are all around us. It doesn't matter if you can sing or draw. It doesn't matter if you can cook or build. The desire to help others is all you really need. You can pick up litter in the park. You can visit someone in a nursing home. You can choose among hundreds of ways to make the world a better place. Make a difference today. Volunteer.

    Which is the summary for this paragraph?

    Litter is a problem in many parks.

    Every volunteer helps make the world a better place.

    Helping the elderly is a great volunteering opportunity.

    There are many different opportunities to volunteer in your community.

  • Q3

    When Carl spotted the dogcatcher's truck next door, he could not contain his curiosity. He arrived just in time to see the dogcatcher take the dog from Mrs. Childers. "Hey! That's my dog!" Carl yelled. Mrs. Childers turned bright red. "Why I'm sorry, Carl. I thought it was a stray. I didn't know you had a dog. I wouldn't have called!" The dogcatcher winked at Carl and handed him the dog. "That's a mighty good-looking dog, Carl. Keep a closer eye on him from now on."

    Which of these best summarizes the story above?

    Mrs. Childers always calls the dogcatcher when she sees a stray dog. She has helped them catch five stray dogs

    Mrs. Childers mistakenly called the dogcatcher on Carl's dog. Carl showed up just in time to save his dog.

    Carl does not take very good care of his dog. He does not pay attention when his dog goes outside to play.

    The dogcatcher wants to make sure people take care of their dogs. He is going to give Carl some dog tips.

  • Q4

    Your heart normally beats 70 to 80 times a minute, but the rate changes depending on your activity level. When you exercise, your body needs more oxygen than when you remain still. Your heart automatically responds to these changing needs. When you need more oxygen, your heart beats faster to increase the flow of blood to your body.

    Which of the following best summarizes the passage above?

    Your heart makes blood flow throughout your body. It also allows oxygen to move into your muscles, lungs, and even into your bloodstream.

    Your body needs a lot of oxygen when you exercise. That is why you breathe heavier when you are running or shooting hoops with friends.

    Your heart rate is dependent on your level of activity. Your heart beats faster when you are exercising and slower when you are still.

    Your heart usually beats about 70 to 80 times in one minute. That is more than one heartbeat for each second. That is pretty fast!

  • Q5

    It started when they got to the bears. Peter felt tired and his stomach hurt. He dragged himself over to see the elephants, which were eating from a stack of hay. Normally, the elephants were his favorite. Without much interest, Peter followed his classmates to the camels, which were busy swatting flies with their tails. Peter knew he should be having fun at the zoo, but he just felt terrible and all he wanted to do was lie down and rest. Even the lions and tigers did not interest him now.

    The Summary of this passage is:

    It was really hot at the zoo.

    The camels were swatting flies with their tails.

    Peter didn't enjoy the zoo because he felt really bad.

    Peter's favorite animals were the elephants.

  • Q6

    Which of the below statements best summarizes the passage?

    April's parents were dog breeders and their kennels were often filled with a litter of puppies. April helped care for the dogs by bathing them and giving them the best food and water.

    April's class had also been learning how to care for animals in their science lessons, so she was thrilled when her teacher announced a field trip to an animal shelter. The shelter manager, Rachel, led the class into the kennel area where dogs and cats sat along opposite walls of the building. April was stunned by what she saw. Some dogs looked like they had been starved before coming to the shelter.

    "What happened to these dogs?" April asked.

    "These dogs are here because their owners did not care for them properly," Rachel replied. "We try to keep the animals healthy so they can go to good homes. If you know someone who wants to adopt a pet, please tell them about our shelter."

    April decided to take action and she printed flyers with information about the shelter. April's parents handed them out to people who bought their puppies. The following day April received permission to post a flyer at her school. That afternoon, April received a phone call at home.

    "Hi, April, this is Rachel. I wanted to thank you for creating flyers for the shelter. Our adoptions have already started to increase!"

    "You're welcome! I just wanted to help rescue the puppies."

    After a field trip to the animal shelter, April makes flyers to increase animal adoption because she cares about animals.

    The local animal shelter manager tells April that animals come to the shelter because their owners do not care for them.

    April's parents have too many dogs to care for, and April works to keep their dogs from being taken to an animal shelter.

    April's class takes a field trip to an animal shelter, and April learns how to take care of animals with the rest of her class.

  • Q7

    Turn over a bag of potato chips. Is the label interesting? A simple food recipe may use several ingredients. These come from the soil and from chemistry labs around the world. Surprises also show up in the labels on clothing and other products. Look at the label on a package of lipstick. The tube seems small and shiny, but inside lipstick there is soap, oil, fish scales, and wax!

    Lipstick seems small and shiny. Look at the label sometime. It has at least four different ingredients.

    clothes and other products have many ingredients as well. Lipstick alone has soap, oil, wax, and fish scales.

    A bag of potato chips seems like a simple recipe. There are many ingredients from the soil and chemistry labs.

    Labels show what goes into food, clothing, and other products. A simple product may have many ingredients.

  • Q8

    GameFAQs is a Web site that hosts walkthroughs for video games. It also has answers to many frequently asked questions about popular video games. The website was created in November 1995 by Jeff Veasey. The site has a lot of video game information. It is a place where gamers can get almost any information about games. It covers systems from the Atari to the Xbox 360. The Web site also covers computer games. The information on the Web site is given by volunteer gamers. Then, it is reviewed by the site's two editors, Jeff Veasey and Allen Tyner. The Web site also has a large message board community. Every game listed on the site has a board for discussion or game help.

    GameFAQs is a Web site that helps video gamers with their games. It was created in 1995 and covers old and new video and computer games. The site is run by two editors, who check volunteer information before putting it on the site.

    GameFAQs has a lot of information about video games. It helps people with questions they have about games. It also gives them information on how to play the games well. Users can post messages on the message boards.

    GameFAQs has information on old and new video games. It has information for Xbox 360 games like Halo. It also has several message boards where gamers can discuss their favorite computer games. It was created by Jeff Veasey.

    GameFAQs is a good Web site that allows gamers to discuss all kinds of video and computer games. It was started in November 1995. Allen Tyner is one of the two editors who check the information volunteers put on the Web site.

  • Q9

    San Francisco is located on the coast of California in an area often called the Bay Area. The weather is generally very mild, seldom getting really cold or really hot. Its mild climate is one reason many people live there. It seldom snows in San Francisco and generally does not get below freezing during the winter. Even in the middle of summer, temperatures may be in the mid-80s with a cool breeze from the bay keeping the weather very comfortable.

    The weather in San Francisco is generally very mild.

    San Francisco has many neat things to do.

    It seldom snows in California.

    Many people choose to live in California.

  • Q10

    Mr. Jingles was having a bad day. He discovered it was raining when he went outside in the morning for his daily walk. But when he turned around to go back inside, the front door wouldn’t open. Mr. Jingles ran around in the rain for a few minutes before he was completely soaked. Next, he went searching in the bushes for a snack. But all of the sparrows in the bushes pecked at him and drove him away. Finally, Mr. Jingles let out a long, sad howl.“Oh, Mr. Jingles!” Betsy Bemire opened the front door and found her poor cat, Mr. Jingles, soaking wet and hungry on the front steps. “Come inside and have some food. You can curl up by the fire and take a nap.

    ”Which is the best summary of this story?

    C. Mr. Jingles is a cat. He was having a bad day, but then things turned around for him.

    B. Mr. Jingles was having a bad day. When he went outside in the morning for his daily walk, he discovered that it was raining.

    Mr. Jingles is a cat. He was rained on, locked outside, and couldn’t catch a bird. Then his owner, Betsy, let him back inside for some food and a nap.

  • Q11

    The black pole warbler is a tiny bird that takes an epically long trip. This little songbird lives in the forests of North America in the summer. However, when the weather turns cold in North America, the blackpole warbler takes flight. These small birds fly to the Caribbean, where they spend the winter on warm tropical beaches. How far does the warbler fly for this tropical getaway? Scientists have tracked the blackpoll warbler and say these amazing birds can fly over 1,700 miles! Which is the best summary of this text?

    The blackpole warbler is a small songbird that can fly over 1,700 miles.

    Birds often migrate to warmer places in the winter.

    The blackpole warbler is a small bird. It is also a songbird. It can fly.

    The blackpole warbler is a small songbird that flies from North America to the Caribbean. The bird flies over 1,700 miles.


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