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STAAR Revising and Editing 2

Quiz by Mark Monthie

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  • Q1
    Amanda needs to establish a more effective position in her letter. Which rewrite of sentence 1 can BEST accomplish this goal?
    Question Image
    The Benson County Museum receives many visitors during the year.
    The Benson County Museum is in need of additional funding in order to remain open.
    The Benson County Museum shows the long and varied history of the people of Benson County.
    The Benson County Museum is falling apart.
  • Q2
    Amanda would like to tell more about the idea she expressed in sentence 5. Which sentence could BEST follow and support sentence 5?
    Question Image
    Many of the older students have been to the museum before.
    The museum has hosted people interested in trains from all around the world.
    The classes help students conduct tours of the museum.
    Special instructors prepare the mentors to help at the museum through the months of January to May.
  • Q3
    Which sentence in the fifth paragraph (sentences 11-16) should be deleted?
    Question Image
    Many additional hours are donated each year to keep the vintage railroad engine and cars in good working order.
    Thousands of volunteer hours helped restore the old engine to its original condition.
    Railroad engines were invented more than one hundred years ago.
    Other volunteers help run the train during the year providing riders a brief glimpse into what it was like to ride the rails one hundred years ago.
  • Q4
    Sentence 13 is unclear because Amanda has chosen an inappropriate word.What change should Amanda make to improve this sentence?
    Question Image
    Change piece to condition
    Change railroad to museum
    Change It to The engine
    Change museum to town
  • Q5
    Amanda would like to add the following sentence to the sixth paragraph (sentences 17-20). "The building is more than one hundred years old and in need of extensive maintenance, repairs, and several renovations." Where is the BEST place to insert this sentence?
    Question Image
    After sentence 17
    After sentence 18
    After sentence 19
    After sentence 20
  • Q6
    Amanda has used a poor choice of words in sentence 25. She should change stuff to
    Question Image
  • Q7
    What change, if any, should be made in sentence 6?
    Question Image
    Change ourselves to themselves
    No change should be made in sentence 6.
    Change mentoring to mentored
    Change that to whose
  • Q8
    What change, if any, should be made in sentence 8?
    Question Image
    Insert a comma after children
    Change classes to clases
    Change were to was
    Sentence 8 should not be changed.
  • Q9
    What change, if any, needs to be made in sentence 13?
    Question Image
    Change then to than
    No change needs to be made in sentence 13.
    Change was to has
    Change by to buy
  • Q10
    How should sentence 22 be changed?
    Question Image
    Delete no
    Sentence22 should not be changed.
    Change interruption to interrupsion
    Insert a comma after or
  • Q11
    How should sentence 23 be changed?
    Question Image
    Change maintenance to maintenances
    Insert Accordingly in front of The
    Change board of directors to Board of Directors
    Add a comma after start
  • Q12
    What change, if any, should be made in sentence 24?
    Question Image
    Insert a comma after raised
    Change begin to begun
    Change Once to Onse
    No change should be made in sentence 24.
  • Q13
    How should sentence 26 be changed?
    Question Image
    Change directions to direction
    Change representative to Representative
    Change whom to who
    Add a comma after you

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