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  • Q1
    A cook heats a meal in a microwave oven. What energy transformations occur between the microwave oven and the meal?
    Chemical energy → thermal energy → light energy
    Electrical energy → electromagnetic energy → thermal energy
    Chemical energy → electromagnetic energy → chemical energy
    Electrical energy → light energy → chemical energy
  • Q2
    Students were asked to identify the location of elements in the periodic table based on clues printed on game cards. Based on the data, which periodic table shows the correct location of the four elements?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    Rift valleys can form when fractures in Earth’s crust widen. The valley walls slowly move at a rate of only a few millimeters a year. Which of these best describes the type of tectonic activity that forms rift valleys?
    Rift valleys form where two plates move away from each other.
    Rift valleys form where a continental plate moves under an oceanic plate.
    Rift valleys form where a plate slides horizontally past another plate.
    Rift valleys form where an oceanic plate moves under another oceanic plate.
  • Q4
    Part of a human body system is pictured. The main function of this system is to —
    Question Image
    transport oxygen
    remove waste
    control reproduction
    produce hormones
  • Q5
    A student learns that the sun is classified as a medium-size star and that many stars are much bigger and brighter. However, the student observes that other stars look very dim, even through a telescope. Why do other stars look much dimmer than the sun?
    Other stars are made up of different gases than the sun is.
    The sun appears yellow, which is more visible than other colors.
    As light from other stars travels through space, it gets reflected.
    The sun is much closer to Earth than other stars are.
  • Q6
    A partial mountain forest food web is shown. Which statement does NOT describe a relationship shown in the food web?
    Question Image
    Mice are herbivores that consume grasses and are preyed on by snakes.
    Owls prey on rabbits and frogs.
    Elk are prey for mountain lions.
    Rabbits consume shrubs and are parasites of grasses.
  • Q7
    A bicycle rider is traveling up a hill. When the rider reaches the top of the hill, she stops to rest. Then she travels down the hill. The diagram shows the rider in the three different positions. Which of these correctly describes the potential energy and the kinetic energy of the bicycle rider?
    Question Image
    As the rider reaches the bottom of the hill, her kinetic energy and her potential energy decrease.
    When the rider is at the top of the hill, her potential energy is the greatest, and her kinetic energy is the least.
    When the rider goes down the hill, her potential energy increases, and her kinetic energy decreases.
    As the rider moves up the hill, her kinetic energy increases, and her potential energy decreases.
  • Q8
    The diagram below shows four consecutive moon phases. Which of the following diagrams shows the next four moon phases in the correct order?
    Question Image
  • Q9
    A scientist added bacteria and a nutrient medium that could support the growth of the bacteria to a sterilized petri dish. No other materials were added. The graph models growth of the bacteria over time. Which of these most likely explains why the bacterial population stopped growing?
    Question Image
    The bacteria mutated from photosynthetic to carnivorous organisms and consumed one another until all the individuals were dead.
    The bacteria competed for nutrients and died after all the nutrients were consumed.
    The bacteria became diseased and were unable to survive in the closed system.
    The bacteria did not reproduce in the system, and eventually each individual died at the end of its life cycle.
  • Q10
    Which statement correctly describes the location and charge of the electrons in an atom?
    The electrons are inside the nucleus and have a negative charge.
    The electrons are inside the nucleus and have no charge.
    The electrons are outside the nucleus and have no charge.
    The electrons are outside the nucleus and have a negative charge.
  • Q11
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  • Q12
    A student’s model of an area near a city depicts many activities that affect the quality of the water in the area. How does the agricultural activity most likely affect the surface water of the area?
    Question Image
    Excess crop material accumulates on the riverbanks, slowing the movement of the river water
    Crops absorb pure water from soil, causing the remaining water to contain more salt.
    Excess crop fertilizer is carried by runoff into the river, causing excess growth of water plants.
    Crops reduce erosion, increasing the amount of soil entering the river.
  • Q13
    The table lists some compounds found in foods and their formulas. Based on this information, which of these statements is NOT true?
    Question Image
    A molecule of lactose contains twice as many carbon atoms as a molecule of sorbitol does.
    A molecule of fructose contains four more atoms than a molecule of glutamine does.
    A molecule of lactose contains twice as many atoms as a molecule of fructose does.
    A molecule of sorbitol contains three more oxygen atoms than a molecule of glutamine does.
  • Q14
    The diagram below shows parts of a cell. Which organelle stores the information that determines an individual’s blood type?
    Question Image
    Organelle 2
    Organelle 1
    Organelle 4
    Organelle 3
  • Q15
    The unusual strength of a glue makes it able to hold a heavy object, or load, as shown in the diagram below. If the load exerts a strong downward force, the glue —
    Question Image
    causes the load to accelerate upward
    destroys the force
    exerts a stronger downward force
    exerts an upward force that is equal to the downward force

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