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  • Q1
    Immediately after a forest fire, the primary consumers in the area will compete most for which biotic factor?
  • Q2
    A steel ball is at one end of a box that is moving forward as shown. The box suddenly stops.According to Newton’s first law, what happens to the steel ball just after the box stops?
    Question Image
    Because of inertia, the ball continues rolling forward at the same speed.
    Because of friction, the ball continues rolling forward at the same speed.
    Because of friction, the ball rolls forward at an increased speed.
    Because of inertia, the ball rolls forward at an increased speed.
  • Q3
    Students mixed two liquids in a beaker and listed their observations.Based on these observations, which statement contains the best evidence that a chemical reaction occurred?
    Question Image
    The two liquids form a new substance.
    There is a change in shape.
    There is a change in volume.
    The two liquids mix into a solution.
  • Q4
    The diagram shows Earth in its orbit around the sun when very little light is visible at Earth’s South Pole.Which statement is true when Earth is in the position shown?
    Question Image
    It is August in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is April in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Spring begins earlier in the year in the Southern Hemisphere than it does in the Northern Hemisphere.
    It is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is winter in the Southern Hemisphere.
    The number of hours of daylight is greater in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Q5
    Tiny organisms called Daphnia live in lakes and ponds where they consume algae. A lake with a stable population of algae and Daphnia was contaminated by pollution, resulting in the death of many algae. Which graph shows the most likely trend in the Daphnia population in the lake shortly before and after the pollution event?
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q6
    A student pushes a 51.5 kilogram bookshelf across a smooth floor with a net force of 67\ N.What is the approximate acceleration of the bookshelf?
    0.77\ m/s^2
    3,450.5\ m/s^2
    15.5\ m/s^2
    1.3\ m/s^2
  • Q7
    A topographic map provides details about Emory Peak in Big Bend National Park. A radio tower on Emory Peak is indicated.Based on the topographic map, if a park ranger hiked due west from the radio tower, the ranger’s path would —
    Question Image
    be flat and then go up a steep slope
    cross another peak in the park
    cross a canyon with a river running through it
    go down a steep slope and then become flatter
  • Q8
    Which pair of elements are nonmetals and gases at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure?
    Boron, B, and aluminum, Al
    Cobalt, Co, and nickel, Ni
    Fluorine, F, and chlorine, Cl
    Hydrogen, H, and cesium, Cs
  • Q9
    A farmer digs a small pond in a pasture. The farmer adds young individuals from two species of algae-eating fish to the pond and plants some reeds around the edges of the pond. The farmer wants the pond to be a sustainable ecosystem.Which of the following would be most helpful in increasing the pond ecosystem's sustainability?
    Introducing older fish of the same species into the population of algae-eating fish
    Decreasing the number of plant species around the edges of the pond
    Having a greater diversity of living organisms in the pond
    Adding gravel between the water and where the reeds are planted
  • Q10
    A student investigates the motion of a toy vehicle. The student graphs 40 seconds of data from the investigation.Which statement best describes the motion of the toy vehicle during the first 30 seconds of the investigation?
    Question Image
    The acceleration of the vehicle was increasing.
    The speed of the vehicle was increasing.
    The vehicle was traveling at a constant speed.
    The vehicle was accelerating at a constant rate.
  • Q11
    How many neutrons are in the nucleus of a potassium atom with a mass number of  39?Be sure to use the correct place value.
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  • Q12
    Major surface currents of the ocean are shown in the diagram.Ocean currents affect weather patterns by —
    Question Image
    distributing heat from the uneven absorption of solar energy
    trapping heat at the equator to regulate the global climate
    regulating when tides occur in coastal areas
    increasing the rate of evaporation to transport water to areas experiencing droughts
  • Q13
    Students view two different cells under a microscope. They record their observations in the table shown.Based on the organelles observed, the students determine that cell  2 is a plant cell because it has an organelle that —
    Question Image
    allows water to enter and exit the cell
    stores water and nutrients
    produces its own food
    contains genetic information
  • Q14
    Which statements correctly compare metals and nonmetals?
    Metals tend to be good conductors of thermal energy. Nonmetals tend to be good insulators of thermal energy.
    Metals cannot be stretched into thin wires.Nonmetals can be stretched into thin wires.
    Metals are good insulators of electricity.Nonmetals tend to be good conductors of electricity.
    Metals are dull and brittle. Nonmetals are shiny and malleable.
  • Q15
    Roller coasters are popular attractions at amusement parks. A cart on a roller coaster approaches the highest point on the coaster. As the cart reaches the top, it slows down.Which statement best describes the energy of the roller coaster as it slows down while traveling to the top of the coaster?
    The cart loses both kinetic and potential energy.
    The cart gains both kinetic and potential energy.
    The cart gains kinetic energy and loses potential energy.
    The cart loses kinetic energy and gains potential energy.

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