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STAAR Security and Confidential Integrity Training

Quiz by Rachel

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Confidential integrity for testing...
    involves protecting the content of each test booklet, answer document, and online test.
    means no unauthorized viewing, discussion, answering, or scoring of test materials.
    involves not reviewing student responses, changing responses, or instructing a student to change responses.
    All answers apply.
  • Q2
    Test security...
    involves accounting for all secure materials, before, during, and after testing.
    only applies to teachers.
    only applies to STAAR test administrators.
    is just an expectation, not a law.
  • Q3
    This training can take the place of reading the appropriate manuals and campus instructions for STAAR testing procedures.
  • Q4
    Any testing administrator needing a break...
    may leave the testing room unattended for five minutes.
    may ask any hallway monitor to relieve them.
    should wait until testing is finished.
    must have a trained professional relieve them.
  • Q5
    Which staff members are directly responsible for immediately reporting to the campus test coordinator any violations of test security or confidential integrity that they participate in or witness.
    Test admnistrators
    Trained professional staff

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