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  • Q1
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in the diagram above?
    Question Image
    Settled by Mormons
    Dependent on slavery
    Large coal deposits
    Former Mexican territory
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q2
    All the eventslistedabove occurred during —
    Question Image
    the Jacksonian era
    the Era of Good Feelings
    the Revolutionary era
    the era of westward expansion
    8.1.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q3
    Which of the following should replace the question mark in this diagram?
    Question Image
    Great Compromise
    Missouri Compromise
    Checks and balances
    Direct democracy
    8.4.D: Social Studies - History
  • Q4
    Southern states passed the codes described in this excerpt in order to —
    Question Image
    increase the labor supply for factory jobs in the North
    decrease the number of northern representatives in Congress
    limit the effects of the Reconstruction Amendments
    improve relations with the Democratic Party
    8.9.C: Social Studies - History
  • Q5
    This excerpt provides evidence that in 1844 Democrats supported —
    Question Image
    social Darwinism as a justification for expansion
    prohibiting the expansion of slavery into new areas of the United States
    making Manifest Destiny an official federal policy
    federal financing of transportation systems in the West
    8.6.B: Social Studies - History
  • Q6
    Which problem did George Washington encounter when he became president?
    The United States had large debts from the American Revolution.
    The Articles of Confederation needed to be replaced with a stronger constitution.
    Southern states were threatening to secede from the Union.
    Great Britain was refusing to trade with the United States.
    8.5.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q7
    How did geography influence the early economic development of New York, Boston, and Charleston?
    Long coastlines offered abundant natural resources.
    Extreme climates limited productive activity.
    Natural harbors provided access to markets.
    Proximity to flooding rivers limited development.
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q8
    During the early 1800s many young women in New England were employed outside their homes as —
    legal counselors in state courts
    cloth weavers in textile mills
    staff reporters for local newspapers
    crew members on cargo ships
    8.23.E: Social Studies - Culture
  • Q9
    Which right best completes the diagram?
    Question Image
    The right to bear arms
    Freedom to speak without fear of punishment
    Protection from cruel and unusual punishment
    Freedom of the press to report on court proceedings
    8.15.D: Social Studies - Government
  • Q10
    After the end of the Revolutionary War, states were eager to expand into newly available territory. The states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia argued over competing claims to land west of the Appalachian Mountains. This conflict was addressed by the —
    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Northwest Ordinance
    Wilmot Proviso
    Missouri Compromise
    8.6.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q11
    What was one major impact of this novel?
    Question Image
    Support grew for the abolitionist movement.
    The profits from book sales funded early labor organizations.
    Congress was inspired to pass laws outlawing the abuse of slaves.
    The Supreme Court overturned fugitive slave laws.
    8.24.A: Social Studies - Culture
  • Q12
    British colonists objected to the Proclamation of 1763 because they —
    resented the limits it imposed on westward expansion
    feared it would provoke attacks from American Indians
    did not want to share control of the fur trade with France
    wanted to be able to trade freely with foreign nations
    8.4.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q13
    Which of these describes a result of the Thirteenth Amendment?
    State governments were required to protect individual rights.
    African Americans in the South could move elsewhere.
    African Americans in the North could vote
    Former Confederate officials were prohibited from holding elected office.
    8.16.B: Social Studies - Government
  • Q14
    One attempt to resolve this issue without violence involved which action?
    Question Image
    The Cherokee Nation challenged Georgia’s anti-Cherokee laws before the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Georgia asked the federal government for funds to purchase Cherokee land.
    Georgia offered to grant U.S. citizenship to the Cherokees.
    The Cherokee Nation asked President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with Georgia.
    8.23.C: Social Studies - Culture
  • Q15
    When citizens report for jury duty, they are helping uphold a constitutional right guaranteed by the —
    Ninth Amendment
    Second Amendment
    Sixth Amendment
    First Amendment
    8.19.B: Social Studies - Citizenship

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