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STAAR Social Studies Grade 8 2017 - Past Paper

Quiz by TEKS Social Studies Grade 8

Grade 8
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Measures 44 skills from
Grade 8
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

8.19.A: Social Studies - Citizenship
8.4.A: Social Studies - History
8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
8.19.B: Social Studies - Citizenship
8.10.C: Social Studies - Geography
8.23.B: Social Studies - Culture
8.5.A: Social Studies - History
8.8.B: Social Studies - History
8.25.B: Social Studies - Culture
8.17.A: Social Studies - Government
8.17.B: Social Studies - Government
8.9.D: Social Studies - History
8.11.B: Social Studies - Geography
8.20.B: Social Studies - Citizenship
8.23.A: Social Studies - Culture
8.10.A: Social Studies - Geography
8.25.C: Social Studies - Culture
8.27.C: Social Studies - Science, Technology and Society
8.13.B: Social Studies - Economics
8.4.C: Social Studies - History
8.4.E: Social Studies - History
8.12.B: Social Studies - Economics
8.6.E: Social Studies - History
8.5.C: Social Studies - History
8.5.E: Social Studies - History
8.16.B: Social Studies - Government
8.6.D: Social Studies - History
8.12.D: Social Studies - Economics
8.6.A: Social Studies - History
8.9.C: Social Studies - History
8.3.A: Social Studies - History
8.4.D: Social Studies - History
8.18.A: Social Studies - Government
8.27.B: Social Studies - Science, Technology and Society
8.15.C: Social Studies - Government
8.7.C: Social Studies - History
8.23.C: Social Studies - Culture
8.15.B: Social Studies - Government
8.19.E: Social Studies - Citizenship
8.9.A: Social Studies - History
8.28.B: Social Studies - Science, Technology and Society
8.23.D: Social Studies - Culture
8.12.A: Social Studies - Economics
8.2.A: Social Studies - History

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44 questions
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  • Q1
    This list includes rights that are considered —
    Question Image
    8.19.A: Social Studies - Citizenship
  • Q2
    How did mercantilist policies create tension between Great Britain and the colonies?
    By preventing colonists from trading with most other foreign countries
    By introducing indentured servitude to the middle colonies
    By requiring colonists to enlist in the military
    By limiting the amount of farmland each colonist could have
    8.4.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q3
    Which factor encouraged more immigrants to settle in northern states than southern states during the mid-nineteenth century?
    Governments in northern states were less corrupt.
    Northern states had lower population densities.
    Southern states had smaller industrial sectors.
    Citizenship requirements in southern states were not as strict.
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q4
    Which sentence completes this diagram?
    Question Image
    Cruel and unusual punishment cannot be inflicted.
    Warrants cannot be issued unless probable cause is established.
    People cannot be forced to be witnesses against themselves.
    A defendant cannot be denied a speedy and public trial.
    8.19.B: Social Studies - Citizenship
  • Q5
    The completion of the Erie Canal played a key role in which development?
    New York City becoming a vital commercial center with the country’s busiest seaport
    Washington, D.C., becoming the cultural and political center of the nation
    New Orleans becoming a leader in manufacturing and overseas trade
    Boston becoming one of the country’s largest transportation hubs
    8.10.C: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q6
    Which sentence best completes this diagram?
    Question Image
    Cities grew rapidly.
    Government regulation of factories increased.
    Demand for artisans increased.
    Farms experienced a shortage of labor.
    8.23.B: Social Studies - Culture
  • Q7
    The Whiskey Rebellion challenged the idea that —
    the federal government had the power to pass and enforce tax laws
    a national court system was needed for resolving disputes between states
    the federal government could raise tariffs to protect industries
    a national military was needed for dealing with foreign threats
    8.5.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q8
    Why did the Siege of Vicksburg affect the balance of power during the Civil War?
    Severe casualties were inflicted on Union forces.
    The Confederate territory was divided in half.
    Several important Confederate generals were killed.
    Union troops were pushed back across the Ohio River.
    8.8.B: Social Studies - History
  • Q9
    The colonies in this list were founded primarily to offer settlers a greater degree of —
    Question Image
    freedom of speech
    freedom from debts
    economic freedom
    religious freedom
    8.25.B: Social Studies - Culture
  • Q10
    Which argument would a Federalist make to support ratification of the Constitution?
    A strong federal government will be more stable than a loose confederation of states.
    A republican system of government will better represent large states.
    The Constitution will enable states to nullify laws that are harmful to citizens.
    The Constitution will allow states to establish banks to stabilize the national economy.
    8.17.A: Social Studies - Government
  • Q11
    What was the primary question surrounding the 1832 Nullification Crisis?
    Can a state regulate a federal agency?
    Can a state overturn a federal law?
    Can the federal government regulate interstate commerce?
    Can the federal government levy taxes on states?
    8.17.B: Social Studies - Government
  • Q12
    In this excerpt, President Hayes proposes a change in federal policy toward American Indians. Legislation based on this new policy did which of the following?
    Question Image
    Ended federal oversight of tribal governments
    Promoted individual land ownership among American Indians
    Granted American Indians the right to attend public schools
    Forced white settlers to leave reservation lands
    8.9.D: Social Studies - History
  • Q13
    One environmental consequence of the large-scale cultivation of cotton in the South was —
    drought caused by overuse of river water to irrigate farmland
    widespread water contamination caused by fertilizer runoff
    widespread soil exhaustion caused by decades of farming
    air pollution caused by the use of cotton gins
    8.11.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q14
    John Hancock was one of the Founding Fathers committed to liberty. How did he demonstrate this commitment?
    By serving as commander in chief of the Continental army
    By organizing Committees of Correspondence
    By writing the Articles of Confederation
    By signing the Declaration of Independence
    8.20.B: Social Studies - Citizenship
  • Q15
    Which of these was a primary reason Chinese immigrants came to the United States in the early 1850s?
    To seek gold
    To purchase inexpensive farmland
    To escape religious persecution
    To avoid a plague
    8.23.A: Social Studies - Culture

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