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STAAR US History High School 2014 - Past Paper

Quiz by TEKS US History High School

High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Measures 66 skills from
High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

H.12.A: Physical & Human Geographic Factors
H.19.D: Contemporary Government Legislation
H.16.C: Effects Of Great Depression
H.14.B: Governmental Entities & Private Citizens
H.18.A: American Entrepreneurs
H.7.G: Home Front & American Patriotism
A.25.C: Popular American Culture
A.26.D: Contributions Of Women
H.21.A: Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
H.2.B: Major Eras In U.S. History
H.4.E: Technological Innovations In WWI
H.24.B: Significant Political & Social Leaders
H.6.B: Significant Individuals
A.25.D: Global Diffusion Of American Culture
A.25.B: Cultural Movements
H.8.A: U.S. Responses To Soviet Aggression
H.7.B: Leadership During WWI
H.22.A: Alexis De Tocqueville's Five Values
H.27.B: Specific Needs & Innovations
H.14.A: Population Growth & Distribution
H.8.D: U.S. Involvement In Foreign Countries
H.15.B: Federal Government & Private Business
H.15.D: International Military Conflicts
H.20.B: Government Relationships
H.16.D: New Deal Policies
H.9.G: Maintaining Status Quo
H.19.B: Constitutional Issues
H.8.C: U.S. Involvement In Korean War
H.6.A: Causes/Effects Of Events And Social Issues
H.11.D: Presidential Elections
H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
H.3.B: Economic Issues
H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations
A.26.A: Actions To Improve Society
H.7.A: Reasons For U.S. In WWI
H.10.A: Richard M. Nixon
A.26.C: Shaping American Culture
H.16.B: Causes Of Great Depression
H.17.D: Government Actions
H.3.C: Social Issues
H.9.A: Civil Rights Movement
H.7.D: Major Issues Of WWI
H.8.F: Responses To Vietnam War
H.9.H: Changes & Events From Civil Rights Movement
H.8.B: Cold War Tensions
H.3.A: Political Issues
H.17.B: Prosperity In 1950s
H.19.A: New Deal Legislation
H.1.A: Declaration Of Independence
H.13.B: Legal & Illegal Migration Patterns
H.27.C: Technological & Management Innovations In The Workplace
H.10.B: Ronald Reagan
H.11.A: U.S. World Affairs
H.17.A: World War II
H.19.C: Political Scandals
H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
H.5.A: Progressive Era Reforms
H.4.A: World Power
A.26.F: Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients
H.18.B: 21st Century Economy
H.16.E: New Deal Agencies/Programs
H.17.E: International Trade Policies & Free Enterprise System
H.23.A: Democratic Rights
H.28.A: Improving Living Standards
H.4.C: World War I
H.23.C: Democratic Participation

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68 questions
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  • Q1
    How did these features affect New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?
    Question Image
    Mud slides trapped residents in the city.
    Storm waters flooded the city after several levees broke.
    Tornadoes gained momentum in open land areas.
    Storm surges caused a massive shift in tectonic plates.
    H.12.A: Physical & Human Geographic Factors
  • Q2
    An employee contacts his supervisor to request time off guaranteed to him under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Under which circumstance do the provisions of this law apply?
    The employee qualifies for time off to care for a newborn child.
    The employee qualifies for an extended vacation due to airline delays.
    The employee qualifies for assignment to a different work location.
    The employee qualifies for time off to complete a college degree.
    H.19.D: Contemporary Government Legislation
  • Q3
    The creator of this political cartoon was expressing his concerns about -
    Question Image
    the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas
    the U.S. declaration of war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
    the involvement of U.S. government officials in the Iran-Contra scandal
    the expansion of executive power during the Great Depression
    H.16.C: Effects Of Great Depression
  • Q4
    This organization most likely encourages Congress to pass legislation that -
    Question Image
    reduces regulation of the coal-mining industry
    finances oil exploration in domestic waters
    focuses on finding clean and renewable energy sources
    gives substantial tax breaks to natural-gas companies
    H.14.B: Governmental Entities & Private Citizens
  • Q5
    Which statement best describes a major impact Bill Gates has had on U.S. business and technology?
    He set up the first computer network systems for the military.
    He created an online store that changed the way people purchase consumer goods.
    He started the company that provides operating software for most personal computers.
    He designed the heat-shield technology used on space shuttles.
    H.18.A: American Entrepreneurs
  • Q6
    What was a primary purpose of the program being promoted by this poster?
    Question Image
    To encourage women to join the workforce
    To reduce health problems among working women
    To promote the purchase of organically grown produce
    To increase the food supply during a farm-labor shortage
    H.7.G: Home Front & American Patriotism
  • Q7
    Which situation demonstrates one way that U.S. culture has spread to other parts of the world?
    A teenage girl buys a hip-hop CD in China.
    A college athlete in Brazil trains for the Olympics.
    A young boy in Great Britain watches anime.
    A businesswoman eats at a sushi restaurant in Canada.
    A.25.C: Popular American Culture
  • Q8
    The political activism of the group described in the excerpt contributed directly to -
    Question Image
    the repeal of the 18th Amendment
    the outlawing of child labor
    the ratification of the 19th Amendment
    the elimination of poll taxes
    A.26.D: Contributions Of Women
  • Q9
    Which action occurred as a result of the Supreme Court decision excerpted above?
    Question Image
    The expansion of science in school curricula
    The implementation of requirements for federal certification of private-school teachers
    The requirement of equal access to school facilities for disabled students
    The desegregation of public schools
    H.21.A: Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  • Q10
    The Roaring Twenties were characterized by -
    brinkmanship, McCarthyism, and a policy of containment
    installment plans, Prohibition, and flappers
    internment camps, the rationing of goods, and the first use of an atomic bomb
    bank failures, the New Deal, and bread lines
    H.2.B: Major Eras In U.S. History
  • Q11
    How did the military innovation shown in this photograph affect the course of World War I?
    Question Image
    It made communications with officers on the front lines possible.
    It made the use of land mines obsolete.
    It helped break the stalemate of trench warfare.
    It helped transport large numbers of troops to the battlefield.
    H.4.E: Technological Innovations In WWI
  • Q12
    Which quotation could most likely be attributed to Sandra Day O'Connor?
    "I came to Washington to work for God, FDR, and the millions of forgotten, plain common workingmen."
    "The power I exert on the Court depends on the power of my arguments, not on my gender."
    "Yes, I did feel a special responsibility to be the first American woman in space."
    "I only knew that, as I was being arrested, that it was the very last time I would ever ride in humiliation of this kind."
    H.24.B: Significant Political & Social Leaders
  • Q13
    This excerpt illustrates Harding's campaign promise to be a president who would -
    Question Image
    help the country recover from the turmoil of the previous decade
    improve economic growth by promoting unrestricted immigration
    refuse to allow the continuation of laissez-faire economic policies
    use diplomacy to establish alliances with other countries
    H.6.B: Significant Individuals
  • Q14
    Senator Boxer supported the legislation mentioned in this excerpt most likely because she was concerned that -
    Question Image
    foreign production companies might not make films of the same quality as domestic companies
    the price of DVDs would increase if they had to be imported from other countries
    foreign production companies might not release their movies in the United States
    the loss of domestic production work would result in fewer job opportunities for Americans
    A.25.D: Global Diffusion Of American Culture
  • Q15
    Which of the following was a major contribution of the Harlem Renaissance to U.S. culture?
    It brought the most significant beat poets together.
    It focused attention on the antiwar literary genre.
    It led to the increased popularity of vaudeville stage performers.
    It established jazz as a prominent musical form.
    A.25.B: Cultural Movements

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