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  • Q1
    Which words correctly complete this excerpt?
    Question Image
    1: whooping cough, 2: serum
    1: polio, 2: vaccines
    1: tuberculosis, 2: iron lung treatment
    1: chicken pox, 2: antibiotics
    H.27.B: Specific Needs & Innovations
  • Q2
    Which of these factors contributed most to the Dust Bowl?
    Severe heat and rapid suburban development
    High winds and railroad construction
    Prolonged drought and poor farming practices
    Flash flooding and intense deforestation
    H.12.A: Physical & Human Geographic Factors
  • Q3
    The passage of the pieces of legislation in this list resulted in -
    Question Image
    the regulation of cabinet-level agencies
    federal guarantees of income
    limitations on government expenditures
    the creation of programs to alleviate poverty
    H.17.D: Government Actions
  • Q4
    This photograph best illustrates the need in 1943 to -
    Question Image
    increase the regulatory power of the War Production Board
    increase federal funding for the Manhattan Project
    outlaw closed-shop and collective-bargaining practices by labor unions
    maintain the country's military and industrial production levels
    H.17.A: World War II
  • Q5
    Why did gasoline prices spike during the 1970s and early 1980s?
    Congress introduced new legislation to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles.
    Congress imposed new regulations on foreign energy companies.
    Conflicts in the Middle East disrupted the distribution of oil.
    A natural disaster impeded offshore drilling for oil.
    H.10.C: Impact Of Energy On American Life
  • Q6
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in this list of information about Puerto Rico?
    Question Image
    Was ceded to the United States as a result of the Spanish-American War
    Became a U.S. state during the Reconstruction era
    Signed an annexation treaty with the United States after World War I
    Was promised U.S. military protection as part of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries
  • Q7
    Navajo soldiers made an important contribution to the Allied war effort during World War II by -
    designing radar technology for submarines
    encoding military communications for secure transmission
    flying bombing missions into enemy territory
    providing intelligence on enemy positions
    H.7.G: Home Front & American Patriotism
  • Q8
    Which factor links all of these modern innovations?
    Question Image
    They each include technology that was originally developed for use in the U.S. space exploration program.
    They are all products initially created for use in the U.S. communications industry.
    They are all special tools first created for U.S. transportation workers in the early twentieth century.
    They each include material that was first grown on U.S. experimental farms in the late nineteenth century.
    H.28.B: Space Technology & Exploration
  • Q9
    Which agency name belongs on the blank line?
    Question Image
    National Park Service
    U.S. Geological Survey
    U.S. Border Patrol
    Bureau of Reclamation
    H.14.B: Governmental Entities & Private Citizens
  • Q10
    The rights of citizens under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution were violated by the U.S. government when it authorized the establishment of -
    internment camps for Japanese Americans
    the Office of Price Administration
    the Office of War Mobilization
    nuclear test sites in Nevada
    H.7.D: Major Issues Of WWI
  • Q11
    How did the invention shown in this patent illustration affect industry?
    Question Image
    Factories could extend working hours.
    Products could be manufactured on an assembly line.
    Businesses needed to hire skilled workers.
    Machines needed to be repaired less frequently.
    H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations
  • Q12
    How did President Bush attempt to complete the mission described above?
    Question Image
    By overthrowing a dictator in North Korea
    By fighting a global war on terrorism
    By offering assistance to refugees escaping genocide
    By supporting the Arab Spring movement
    H.11.A: U.S. World Affairs
  • Q13
    During the Progressive Era, one goal of state-level political reformers was to -
    prevent party leaders from amending campaign platforms
    promote the principle of direct democracy
    limit the use of judicial review by circuit courts
    increase the influence of business owners on regulatory legislation
    H.5.A: Progressive Era Reforms
  • Q14
    Which of the following correctly completes this description?
    Question Image
    North American Free Trade Agreement
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    H.17.E: International Trade Policies & Free Enterprise System
  • Q15
    Which of the following was a direct result of the 1957 launch of Sputnik 1?
    The U.S. government founded a federal agency dedicated to space exploration.
    The United States began a period of technology sharing with the Soviet Union.
    The Soviet government collapsed because of economic competition.
    The Soviet Union was unable to collect images of the United States from space.
    H.2.D: Significant Years

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