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  • Q1
    How do parents get access to their parental SchoolZone account?
    From their BFF
    Off Snap Chat
    From the front office
    From their child
  • Q2
    What does "lottery" mean in relation to registration?
    649 #Boom
    Random selection is when we are oversubscribed
    Scratch and win
  • Q3
    Which teachers need to initial a course recommendation for a student?
    Semester 1
    Full Year
    Semester 2 and Full Year
    Semester 2
  • Q4
    What is the name of the tab on SchoolZone that has to be changed for next year’s registration?
    Student Profile
    Next year
  • Q5
    What three forms must a student have completed and signed by parents before pre-enrollment can take place in the computer lab?
    Behavior & Conduct, Attendance Register, FOIP/Media Consent
    FOIP/Media Consent, Student Expectations & Responsibilities, Student Demographic
    Student Declaration, FOIP/Media Consent, Individual Student Report
    Summer School, Registration document, FOIP/Media Consent,
  • Q6
    OSCR is an acronym for ___________?
    Outside School Conflict Resolution
    Official Source Competency Regulator
    Office SchoolZone Course Registrar
    Online Student Course Registration
  • Q7
    Why should students plan for a full course schedule with no spares?
    To employ more teachers
    To take part in commencement
    To explore career pathways
    To stay out of trouble
  • Q8
    Why is it important that students choose their courses accurately for next year?
    So they are likely to get that course in their schedule
    So we can plan on 35 students per class
    It isn’t as they can easily drop courses
    So they can pick their teachers
  • Q9
    What's new about our option delivery next year?
    No More Options
    "mini" 30 min options
    Double block in Culinary, Construction, Welding, Cosmo and Mechanics
    Lunch hour classes
  • Q10
    Which of the following is NOT a diploma requirement?
    Phys Ed 10
    Social at a 30 level
    English at a 30 level
    Science 30-2

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