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Quiz by Elizabeth Baynes

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  • Q1
    What would be the best title for chapter 1?
    Question Image
    Stargirl Stuns Her Peers
    Kevin's Wish
    Hot Seat Coming Attraction-Stargirl
    Leo Finds Love
  • Q2
    "She seemed marooned in a sea of staring, buzzing faces," implies that
    Question Image
    everyone welcomed Stargirl to MAHS, knowing that she was homeschooled
    everyone kept their distance while they studied Stargirl's demeanor
    everyone stayed close to Stargirl, trying to figure her out
    everyone was interested in her uniqueness and wanted to know more about her
  • Q3
    In paragraph 2, Hillari's rumors about Stargirl's character conveys
    Question Image
    that she feels threatened by Stargirl's presence
    that she wants Stargirl to like and befriend her
    that she believes Wayne Parr would leave her for Stargirl
    that she feels that others should question Stargirl's motives
  • Q4
    On page 10, Leo claims, "It was unthinkable that Stargirl could survive-or at least survive unchanged." What prediction is he making?
    Question Image
    that Stargirl's non conformity would influence some peers to reveal their individuality
    that Stargirl's non conformity would be the greatest thing ever for Hot Seat
    that Stargirl's non conformity would change the entire norms of the school
    that Stargirl's non conformity would be faced with constant bullying by her peers
  • Q5
    The narrator and other characters directly characterized Stargirl as
    Question Image
    real, not real, a bombshell
    a spy, an actress, a ghost
    weird, strange and goofy
    a scholar, a pioneer, a scam
  • Q6
    On page 12, Leo reveals that he has "acquired a sense of the otherness of things." This means that
    Question Image
    he finally understood the reason for MAHS conforming all students to their rules and regulations
    he figured out Stargirl's private side, while basking in the moonlit night
    he unveiled Hillari Kimble's motive for claiming that Stargirl is not real
    he was awaken to the truth of Stargirl's unique nature, realizing her behavior was genuine
  • Q7
    How did Kevin's constant badgering of Leo to put Stargirl on Hot Seat, affect their friendship?
    Question Image
    It forced Kevin to ask Stargirl to be a guest on Hot Seat.
    It made Leo uncomfortable and created much tension in their relationship.
    It brought them closer together, even more than before.
    It made them stop being friends and brought an end to Hot Seat.
  • Q8
    Hillari's Hypothesis about Stargirl __________________________________.
    Question Image
    encouraged everyone to think of Stargirl as a normal teenager
    revealed her plot as a plant placed by the administration to spy on them
    defined Stargirl's characteristics thoroughly
    encouraged others to form other theories about her
  • Q9
    In paragraph 4, Wayne Parr and Hillari Kimble symbolize_______________.
    Question Image
  • Q10
    What aroused the crowd at the football game?
    Question Image
    Stargirl's strumming the ukulele and humming Happy Birthday
    the footballers' skill and sportsmanship
    the cheerleaders' expertise and entertaining routine
    Stargirl's entertaining feats
  • Q11
    Leo declares that Stargirl is "unknown territory." In other words, ______________.
    Question Image
    Stargirl is of great interest to them so they wanted to get close to her
    Stargirl loved to explore great expanse of land and nature
    Stargirl knew territory in the desert that was unknown to them
    Stargirl made them uneasy. Therefore they kept their distance from her.
  • Q12
    What was Hillari's intention when she commanded Stargirl not to sing Happy Birthday to her?
    Question Image
    She wanted to show a sign of weakness.
    She wanted to woo Stargirl so that she would respect her wishes.
    She wanted to intimidate her and show the other students that she maintains the power.
    She wanted to let Stargirl know that she doesn't care about birthdays.
  • Q13
    Stargirl showed her cleverness by ____________________________.
    Question Image
    singing Happy Birthday to Leo, though it was meant for Hillari
    singing Happy Birthday to Alan Ferko in the lunchroom
    singing Happy Birthday to Hillari while offering her a gift
    singing Happy Birthday on Hot Seat for Hillari
  • Q14
    Archibald Hapwood was a paleontologist. This means that _______________.
    Question Image
    a scientist who studies fossils
    a scientist who creates cures for deadly illnesses
    a scientist who studies the behavior of the mind
    a philosopher who studies many theories
  • Q15
    Which of the following was NOT a reason why Archie chose his new home?
    Question Image
    He chose it because of the proximity to the high school.
    He chose it to join the other fossils for his other bones.
    He chose it because of Senor Saguaro.
    He chose it to be near his deceased wife.

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