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Quiz by Shakwana Shelton

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    In paragraph 4, the word "vehicle" means something that
    Takes years to create
    encourages people to invent
    leads to questions
    Moves people and goods
  • Q2
    Why was Nicolas Joseph Cugnot's invention able to move by itself?
    It was very large.
    It used steam.
    It had wheels.
    It was very strong.
  • Q3
    Read this sentence from the paragraph 11. "Yet they had drawbacks, too". The word "drawbacks" show the electric car
    used batteries for power.
    did not provide a perfect solution.
    changed the way people that people traveled.
    was not quickly accepted by the public.
  • Q4
    How do paragraphs 10 through 15 support a main idea of the passage?
    By listing the names of countries to show how far apart they are.
    By describing the condition of the streets to show the need for better roads.
    By showing that drivers had to be stopped because their cars were going too fast.
    By discussing how several inventors improved cars.
  • Q5
    How are paragraphs 14 through 17 connected?
    They compare the number of parts in a Model T to the number of parts in other cars.
    They described the order of steps to move a Model T from the factory to the roads.
    They show how a problem existed and explain how Henry Ford solved it.
    They explain the effects of typical earnings on the people who worked for Henry Ford.
  • Q6
    The headings divide the passage by
    Popularity of automobiles
    Inventors of automobiles
    Changes in automobiles
    Uses for automobiles

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