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Static Electricity

Quiz by Emily Zevallos

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    When Mandy took clothes out of a dryer, she observed that a sock was clinging to a shirt. Which situation could cause the sock to be attracted to the shirt?
    Both the sock and shirt have large positive charges.
    The sock has a small positive charge while the shirt has a large positive charge.
    The sock has a small positive charge but the shirt has a small negative charge.
    Both the sock and shirt have small negative charges.
  • Q2
    The picture shows the electric charge of a metal sphere. Which object will MOST likely be repelled by the metal sphere?
    Question Image
    a magnet with its north pole facing the sphere
    a magnet with its south pole facing the sphere
    a glass with a positive charge
    a paper with a negative charge
  • Q3
    Greta passed a comb through her hair several times. She then placed the comb next to a stream of water flowing from a faucet. Greta observed the stream of water bend toward the comb. How did passing a comb through her hair allow the comb to bend the stream of water?
    by breaking some of the chemical bonds in the comb
    by increasing the thermal energy of the comb
    by making the comb more absorbent
    by giving the comb an electrical charge
  • Q4
    A metal ball has an electrical charge. What will happen when it is brought near another metal ball with the same electrical charge?
    The two balls will be pushed away from each other.
    The two balls will touch and move in circles around each other.
    The two balls will touch and then remain connected with each other.
    The two balls will be pulled toward each other.
  • Q5
    When Jackson removed some clothes from the dryer, some of the socks were stuck to shirts. What could cause the clothing to stick together?
    When the items in the dryer became warm, heat caused them to stick together.
    The socks and shirt had different types of electric charges after tumbling together.
    Removing water from the clothing items made them shrink and stick together.
    The dryer removed the air that kept the clothing items apart.
  • Q6
    Which pair of items will repel each other?
    a negatively-charged balloon and a positively-charged piece of paper
    a positively-charged wool sock and a neutral plastic bag
    a neutral cotton sweater and a negatively-charged plastic pellet
    a negatively-charged plastic strip and a negatively-charged piece of cloth
  • Q7
    A student rubbed a balloon with a wool cloth. The balloon developed a negative charge. The student placed the balloon against a wall and let go. The balloon stayed next to the wall for a few minutes, then fell. What is the MOST likely reason the balloon fell?
    The wall gave up negative charges to the balloon.
    The balloon gave up negative charges to the wall.
    The balloon gave up positive charges to the wall.
    The wall gave up positive charges to the balloon.
  • Q8
    Alyssa wore a wool hat to school. When she took the hat off, her hair crackled and stood on end.
    Question Image
    The hat removed positive charges from Alyssa’s hair.
    Alyssa’s hair removed positive charges from the hat.
    Alyssa’s hair removed negative charges from the hat.
    The hat removed negative charges from Alyssa’s hair.
  • Q9
    One student rubs a balloon against his hair several times. Another student passes a comb through her hair several times. The students place the comb near the balloon and observe that the comb repels the balloon. Which is the MOST likely reason the comb is able to repel the balloon?
    The balloon and the comb have the same electrical charge.
    The balloon and the comb have opposite electrical charges.
    The balloon has a negative charge and the comb is neutral.
    The balloon has a positive charge and the comb is neutral.
  • Q10
    Which object MOST likely has magnetic properties?
    wooden spoon
    plastic clip
    rubber eraser
    iron nail
  • Q11
    Some students want to test how many paper clips each kind of magnet can lift. They use the setup shown. Which feature of the magnets are the students testing?
    Question Image
  • Q12
    Which is MOST likely the label that should replace the question mark?
    Question Image
  • Q13
    Sammy wants to make a bulletin board that uses magnets to hold papers in place. What should Sammy use to make the bulletin board?
    a large cardboard square
    a sheet of glass
    a flat piece of steel
    a wooden board
  • Q14
    A company wants to make a game that uses a magnet that sticks to a board. Which material should it use for the board?

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