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  • Q1
    What do you call the loss of static electricity as charges move off an object?
    electric discharge
    static electricity
    conduct charge
    electric current
  • Q2
    What is the difference between charging by conduction and charging by induction?
    charging by conduction is electricity while charging by induction is not electricity
    charging by conduction uses electrons while charging by induction uses protons
    charging by conduction involves contact while charging by induction does not involve contact.
    charging by conduction gives electrons while charging by induction gives electrons.
  • Q3
    After touching an electroscope with a balloon, the leaves separate. What does this tell you?
    That the balloon is positively charged
    That the balloon is negatively charged
    That the balloon is neutral.
    That the balloon is charged
  • Q4
    What happens when you rub a balloon on your hair?
    Some electrons are transferred from your hair to the balloon to make your hair positively charged and the balloon negatively charged
    Charges in your and the balloon are created and later destroyed
    The neutrons develop a negative charge and move to the balloon
    The protons move around in your hair
  • Q5
    You sleep with a blanket at night and you discover that when you wake up in the morning, you hear some crackling sound as you remove the blanket from your body. What does this show?
    Static electricity due to induction
    Conduction of charges through the bed
    Current passing from your body to the blanket.
    Electric discharge after charging the blanket with your body or the bed by friction
  • Q6
    Why must a lightning rod that is placed on top of the building grounded?
    so that the building can look beautiful
    So that charges can safely pass into the earth through the wires
    so as to get more electricity from the lightning.
    so that the building can repel the lightning charges
  • Q7
    Why is it wrong to use rubber wires only to make electrical connections at home?
    Because it moves the charges through it really fast
    Because rubber is an insulator and so does not allow the flow of charges
    Because the charges that move through it will be slow
    Because rubber wires attract lightning
  • Q8
    What happens if you rub a glass rod with a piece of silk and the rod becomes positively charged?
    The glass attracts more protons.
    The silk becomes negatively charged.
    Electrons on the rod are destroyed.
    Protons move to the rod.
  • Q9
    What is an electric field?
    the area around an electron
    the area around a proton
    the area around a charged object
    the area around an atom
  • Q10
    What do all these materials have in common: paper bags. car windshields, whiteboard markers, and drinking glass?
    They are all insulators
    They are all conductors
    They can never be charged by friction.
    They can only be charged by induction

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