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Stations Questions: Republic of Texas and Early Statehood

Quiz by Shatara Lister

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Station 1.
    the United States should expand into Canada
    the United States should end slavery
    the United States should make Texas a state
    the United States should make peace with all nations
  • Q2
    Station 2
    James Polk
    Anson Jones
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Stephen F Austin
  • Q3
    Station 3
  • Q4
    Station 4.
    David G. Burnet
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Anson Jones
    Sam Houston
  • Q5
    Station 5.
    Question Image
    the annexation of Texas to the United States
    disputes between Texans and American Indian tribes
    efforts of Texans to gain independence from Mexico
    agreement dividing Texas and New Mexico
  • Q6
    Station 6.
    Question Image
    they wanted to keep Texas out because it was a slave state
    they wanted more states to trade with
    they wanted to add another slave state in the South
    they wanted to use the rail lines in Texas
  • Q7
    Station 7.
    Question Image
    a rescue mission to save Texas Rangers from the Mexican Army
    the Trail of Tears path that the Comanches took to Oklahoma
    Texas’ attempt to set up a western border
    the route of Native Americans trying to find a new home
  • Q8
    Station 8
    The Battles of Goliad & the Alamo
    A stop to all exploration outside of the Texas border
    Texas winning its independence from Mexico
    Population growth and expansion
  • Q9
    Station 9
    Houston signed a treaty with the U.S. to eliminate their debt
    The Texas Congress voted to get rid of the Texas Army to save money
    Houston wanted to create a bigger Texas Navy to earn money
    Houston believed that eliminating the Texas Navy would save money
  • Q10
    Station 10
    Americans did not support Texas independence from Mexico
    Texas annexation might lead to war with Mexico.
    Americans were afraid that Texas would put an end to slavery in the U.S.
    The Santa Fe Expedition broke the U.S.-Mexican peace treaty.
  • Q11
    Station 11
    Texas Annexation of 1845
    The Mexican Cession of 1848
    Oregon Territory of 1846
    The Louisiana Purchase of 1803
  • Q12
    Station 12
    El Paso
  • Q13
    Station 13
    the Old Three Hundred
    the 4th Cavalry Soldiers
    the Texas Rangers
    the Fredonian Rebellion
  • Q14
    Station 14
    the defeat of Texan soldiers at the Battle of Buena Vista
    the removal of Native American tribes from Texas land
    the annexation of Texas into the U.S.
    Texas’s victory over Mexico in the Texas Revolution
  • Q15
    Station 15
    Items from the Democratic Party Platform
    Effects of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
    Reasons Why Texans Wanted Annexation into the U.S.
    Events that Happened in Texas During the 1820s

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