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Quiz by Kylie Morrisey

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    Someone you don't know has sent you a friend request. What do you do?

    Question Image

    Accept it and message them to ask who they are.

    Decline the request. 

    Accept it and look at their profile to see if they look trustworthy.

  • Q2

    You took a photo with your friends and then posted and tagged them in the photo do social media. Later that day, a friend in the photo approaches you and asks for you to take the photo down. What should you do?

    Question Image

    Remove the tag of the person but keep the photo posted online. 

    Tell your friend that it's your photo and you won't take it down.

    Take the photo down. If you share a photo with other people in it, you must have their permission first.

  • Q3

    You are scrolling through facebook and come across a school friend who has made a mean post about another person at school. Everyone in the comments is laughing and joking. What do I do?

    Question Image

    Ignore it. It's not about me so I don't want to get involved.

    Report it to an adult and to the social media page.

    Join in on the mean comments. Everyone else is having a laugh so why cant I?

  • Q4

    Someone you don't know keeps messaging you and asking what school you go to. What should you do?

    Question Image

    Reply and tell them what school you go to.

    Reply and tell them you don't give out personal information.

    Report to an adult and to the social media service.

  • Q5

    Your school friend has been talking to someone online that they do not know. They are planning to meet up with this person on the weekend. What should you do?

    Question Image

    Tell your friend that you will join them.

    Report to an adult. You should never meet up with someone you don't know. 

    Ignore your friend and don't tell anyone.

  • Q6

    From the options below, what is the strongest password choice?

    Question Image




  • Q7

    A friend has asked for you Facebook password so that they can look at someones profile who has blocked them. What do you do?

    Question Image

    Give them the password.

    You tell them no.

    Give them your phone instead so that they can look at the other person's profile. 

  • Q8

    On Facebook, you come across a post that says 'WIN AN IPHONE'. All you have to do is enter your name, address, and phone number to go into the draw. What do you do?

    Question Image

    Report the post online as a scam.

    Enter your details.

    Enter details with a fake name and address but give the correct phone number just in case it is legit and you win.


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