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STE 9 - Consumer Chemistry - MODULE 2 GAUGE

Quiz by Michael Mejia

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  • Q1

    Which of the following is an Anthropogeniccause of Acid Precipitation?

    Combustion of fossil fuel

    Decaying vegetation

    Volcanic eruptions


  • Q2

    What are the two main pollutants that cause Acid Precipitation?

    Phosphorus dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides

    Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen monoxide

     Hydrochloride and Oxygen

    Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides

  • Q3

    Which of the following is NOT a harmful effect of Acid Precipitation?

    It dissolves the nutrients present in soil.

    It worsens existing respiratory health problems.

    It corrodes metals and peels of paint in buildings.

    It decreases acidity and aluminum level in lakes and streams.

  • Q4

    What is the other name for sulfuric acid?

    Caustic soda

    Oil of vitriol

    Spirit of niter

    Aqua fortis

  • Q5

    Why is normal or clean rain slightly acidic?

    Because sulfur dioxide dissolves into it forming sulfuric acid.

    Because fluorine gas dissolves into it forming hydrofluoric acid.

    Because nitrogen dioxide dissolves into it forming nitric acid.

    Because carbon dioxide dissolves into it forming carbonic acid.

  • Q6

    What is the major natural source of Oxides of Nitrogen?


    Volcanic eruptions

    Decaying vegetations


  • Q7

    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an Acid?

    Reacts with bases to form salts

    Reacts with some metalsto liberate hydrogen

    Tastes sour

    Turns red litmus paper into blue

  • Q8

    What is TRUE about acid precipitation?

    Only human activities cause its formation.

    It nourishes the soil promoting healthy growth for plants.

    It damages aquatic wildlife by increasing the aluminum level.

    The acids that precipitate are phosphoric and carbonic acids.

  • Q9

    Which of the following statements are TRUE?

    Question Image

    II & IV

    I, II, &III

    I & II           

    I, II, III & IV

  • Q10

    Is it harmful to walk in acid rain, or even swim in a lake affected by acid rain?

    No, as it is not different from normal or clean rain.

    Yes, as it may corrode our skin leading to cancer.

    Yes, as it can poison us to death.

    No, as it is actually beneficial to our health.


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