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Stoichiometry Concepts

Quiz by Donna Donohue

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    In order to perform a stoichiometry calculation you must always have
    a periodic table
    the molar mass for every compound and element
    a balanced equation
    an electronic balance
  • Q2
    To find the molar mass of an element or compound you need
    the molar ratio
    a periodic table
    a balance
    a balanced equation
  • Q3
    What is stoichiometry?
    The quantitative relationships between amounts of reactants used and products formed by a chemical reaction
    The relationship between the periodic table and the molar mass
    The relationship between you and your best friend
    The relationship between moles of each substance in a reaction
  • Q4
    The coefficients in a chemical equation tell you
    the percent composition
    the molar ratio
    the amount of product
    the molar mass
  • Q5
    Stoichiometry is based on the
    Avagadro's number
    Law of Conservation of Matter
    molar mass

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