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Stolen Generation - Events and Policies

Quiz by Joel Morgan

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  • Q1
    What does 'Terra Nullis' refer to in history?
    Land under colonial rule
    Land reserved for indigenous peoples
    Land with abundant natural resources
    Land that is considered unoccupied or uninhabited.
  • Q2
    Why was the concept of 'Terra Nullis' controversial in history?
    It recognized the sovereignty of native tribes
    It promoted peaceful negotiations between nations
    It was used to justify the colonization and displacement of indigenous peoples.
    It encouraged the preservation of natural habitats
  • Q3
    What are Aboriginal reserves?
    National parks in Australia
    Private lands owned by corporations
    Military bases in Canada
    Land set aside for Indigenous peoples by the government
  • Q4
    How were Aboriginal reserves affected by government policies in the past?
    They were given full control over resource management.
    They were unaffected by government interference.
    They were subject to policies of forced assimilation and removal from other lands
    They were granted autonomy and self-governance.
  • Q5
    What rights were often violated by the policies of aboriginal reserves?
    Right to freedom of speech
    Right to private property ownership
    Right to unrestricted migration
    Right to self-determination and cultural identity
  • Q6
    What was the policy of assimilation in relation to Indigenous Australians?
    Forcing Indigenous Australians to adopt Western customs and lifestyles
    Providing support for Indigenous communities
    Protecting Indigenous cultures and traditions
    Granting equal rights to Indigenous Australians
  • Q7
    What was the purpose of the 1967 Australian referendum regarding Indigenous Australians?
    To prevent Indigenous Australians from accessing education
    To ban Indigenous Australians from voting
    To include Indigenous Australians in the national census and give the Australian government power to make laws for them
    To remove Indigenous Australians from the national census
  • Q8
    What policies were often implemented by the NSW Aborigines Protection Board in 1915?
    Support for self-governance of Indigenous communities
    Access to quality healthcare and education for Indigenous peoples
    Forced removal of Indigenous children from their families
    Promotion of Indigenous language and culture
  • Q9
    What was the main role of the Director of Native Welfare in Australia?
    To oversee the welfare and policies concerning Indigenous populations
    To regulate international trade agreements
    To manage urban development projects
    To conduct scientific research studies
  • Q10
    What was the main objective of the Director of Native Welfare established in Australia from 1935 to 1971?
    To provide healthcare services to urban areas
    To promote agricultural development in rural regions
    To control and regulate the lives of Indigenous populations
    To establish educational institutions for the general population

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