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Stone Fox

Quiz by Carolyn

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  • Q1
    What did Willie think his Grandfather was worrying about?
    Little Willie thought his grandfather was worried about harvesting the potatoes.
    Little Willie thought he was worried about Searchlight.
    Little Willie thought he dad was worried about him learning to play the harmonica.
    Little Willie thought he was worried about the doctor bill.
  • Q2
    What did grandfather do that gave Willie hope.
    He started to use his hand to make signals.
    He started to talk to him.
    He started to smile.
    He started to laugh.
  • Q3
    Who is the author of the story?
    Gary Paulsen
    John Reynolds Gardiner
    Margret Peterson Haddix
    Mrs. Chambers
  • Q4
    What is a harvest?
    To have a fall party
    To gather crops
    to plant potatoes
    To have a party
  • Q5
    How does Searchlight feel about grandfather?
    He loved him greatly because he pulled the plow to dig the potatoes.
    He pulled the plow.
    He felt that Grandfather was going to die.
    He loved Willie more.

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