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Stone Fox Chapter 1

Quiz by Carolyn

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  • Q1
    What change does Willie notice about his grandfather?
    His grandfather was playing.
    His grandfather wants him to go see Doc Smith.
    His grandfather is late getting out of bed.
    His grandfather gave his plate to the chickens.
  • Q2
    Who do you think is telling this story?
    Doc Smith
    Someone who is not in the story?
  • Q3
    Why did Doc Smith ask, how late did they stay up that night?
    She wants to talk to him.
    She is trying to determine if he needs help.
    She wants to know if he is playing a game.
    She thinks he didn't take his medicine.
  • Q4
    When Doc examined Grandfather, she found that he wasn't medically sick. What question did Doc Smith ask that might seem strange at first?
    Did he go out to the chicken coop?
    Is he still in bed?
    She asked, "Does he owes anyone money?"
    Did he play his harmonica?
  • Q5
    What does the author use to make this story interesting?
    The author uses headings.
    The author uses quotes.
    The author using feeling words?
    The author uses powerful adjectives?
  • Q6
    Why does Willie's Grandfather not want to live anymore?
    He is not feeling well.
    The story does not tell us this answer in the first chapter.
    He misses his wife.
    He is tired.

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