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Quiz by Gemma Bailey-Dobson

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is stress?
    Any influence which disturbs the natural equilibrium of the body
    Trait and state anxiety that changes your mood state
    Anxiety in certain situations
    Stressful situations
  • Q2
    What are the four general categories of stress?
    Internal, external, occupational and Personal factors
    Trait, state, external, occupational and Personal factors
    Internal, external, occupant and Personal factors
    Integral, external, occupational and Personal factors
  • Q3
    An example of internal stress is?
    Life factors, parents have no money
    Boss giving you more deadlines
    Feelings of self-worth
    Being afraid of spiders/snakes
  • Q4
    What is Eustress?
    Bad stress
    Good stress, giving us energy and direction
  • Q5
    What is distress?
    Bad stress causing discomfort, illness and anxiety
    Good stress
  • Q6
    There are three types of response to stress, what are they?
    Cognition, bad habits and somatic
    Somatic, behavioural and congenital
    Cognitive, somatic and behavioural
    Cognition, behavioural and somatic
  • Q7
    Somatic responses include?
    Sweaty palms, butterflies in stomach, faster breathing, racing heart rate, dry cotton mouth.
    Sleep disturbances, loss of humour, butterflies in stomach, faster breathing, racing heart rate, dry cotton mouth.
    Lethargy, muscular aches and pains.
    Talking and walking fast
  • Q8
    What is trait anxiety?
    Feels anxious when taking part in sport
    Feels anxious in certain situations
    A person generally experiences high levels of anxiety as part of their personality
    Feels anxious because of life in general

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