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Structure within an RAF Mess

Quiz by steve gill

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  • Q1
    Name 3 sections that support the Catering Sqn/Flt?
    Medical Centre, Mechanical Transport (MT), Human Resources (HR)
    Medical centre, Air Traffic Control, Armoury
    Medical Centre, Mechanical Transport (MT), Armoury
    Medical Centre, Mechanical Transport (MT), Air Traffic Control
  • Q2
    On a Main Operating Base (MOB), what are the 3 Wings that the Station is broken down into?
    Operations, Supply, Base Support
    Operations, Engineering, Base Support
    Logistics, Engineering, Base Support
    Operations, Engineering, Supply
  • Q3
    Name 3 of OC Catering's main responsibilities?
    Messing Commodities, Personnel Hygiene, Functions
    Personnel Standards, Functions, Uniforms
    Messing Commodities, In-Flight, Standards
    Messing Commodities, Catering Personnel, Catering Standards
  • Q4
    What are the 4 main sections within a Catering Sqn/Flt?
    Catering HQ, JRs' Mess, SNCOs' Mess, Officers' Mess
    Cat HQ, PSF, JR Mess, SNCOs' Mess
    MT, JR Mess, Officers' Mess, SNCOs' Mess
    Cat HQ, Station HQ, In-Flight, JR Mess
  • Q5
    Name the 3 sections in an Officers' or SNCOs' Mess that there is a JNCO Caterer in charge of?
    Bar, Reception/Accommodation, Kitchen
    Bar, Reception/Accommodation, Ante Room
    Bar, Reception/Accommodation, Dining Room
    Bar, Still Room, Dining Room
  • Q6
    The Junior Ranks Mess is controlled by what rank?
    Either a Warrant Officer or a Flight Sergeant
    Mess Hand
  • Q7
    What types of duties could a Chef/Caterer be expected to carry out in a VIP Residence?
    The duties entail working in the Catering Office
    The duties entail working in the JR Mess
    Producing both daily and entertainment food and food service requirements for the VIP and their guests
    The duties entail working in the Officers' Mess
  • Q8
    Who is responsible for food production in the Messes?
    Mess Hands
    Batting Staff
  • Q9
    Cost Effective and Stability are 2 benefits of employing civilians, which of the following is another benefit?
    Work shorter hours
    The know the local area
    They can be easily sacked
    Continuity of Service
  • Q10
    What are the 2 types of civilian employees that the MOD employs?
    Full Time and Part Time
    Workers and Management
    Mess Hands and Chefs
    Non-Industrial and Industrial
  • Q11
    What is the civilian equivalent to an SAC?
    Chief Caterer
    Charge Hand
    Cook/Mess hand
  • Q12
    What is the Service equivalent rank to an E1 civilian?
    Flt Lt

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