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  • Q1

    What services does the Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Service offer?

    appointments and workshops

    appointments only

    one to one appointments, workshops, courses, referrals and online CBT

    appointments, courses, holidays and workshops

  • Q2

    How do you get support from the Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing service?

    Contact by phone 0161 247 3493 or email

    Go to the Student Hub

    Ask a tutor

    Tag them on Facebook or Instagram

  • Q3

    What does "PLP" stand for?

    Personal Learning Programme

    Personal Learning Plan

    Pretty Little Plan

    Personal Learning Project

  • Q4

    The Inclusive Learning Communities Project works in partnership with the BAME Ambassadors scheme - how many ambassadors will they have?

    4 Ambassador (1 in a faculty)

    8 Ambassadors (2 in a faculty)

  • Q5

    How does a student register with the Inclusion Service?

    They need to complete a short registration form and send any evidence that may be required

    They are automatically registered when they enrol

    Go to the Student Hub

    Phone the Inclusion Service and ask to be registered

  • Q6

    MMU Sport offers how many activities a week in their Active Campus programme?

    Over 43 a week

    Over 40 free activities a week

    Over 30 activities a week

    20 activities a week only

  • Q7

    What is PAL?

    PAL Leaders provide a space for students to share knowledge and develop skills with each other

    PAL Leaders give feedback on assignments

    PALs is a compulsory session for people who are struggling

    PAL Leaders deliver lectures

  • Q8

    What are the 3 main strands of SEOs

    Student Voice, Student Experience and creating student societies 

    Student Voice,  Progression and Retention

    Speaking in lectures, Student Experience, Progression & Retention

    Student Voice, Student Experience, Progression & Retention

  • Q9

    The Student Hubs were awarded the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation



  • Q10

    What service does the Learner Development Team NOT provide?

    Proof reading service

    One to one appointments

    Workshop and webinars

    Short courses

  • Q11

    What are the 2 types of specialist tutors in the Learner Development Team?

    SpLD Tutors and Numeracy Tutors

    Exam Tutors and Technology Tutors

  • Q12

    What are the key things we want students to take away from our welcome stands

    Know that Students Services are friendly and approachable


    Know that Student Services can help me be happy, healthy and succeed

    All of these answers


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