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Students R&R Handbook

Quiz by April Fraley

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  • Q1
    What does it state is true about student dress code?
    Shirts and tops may not expose bare midriffs or bare shoulders.
    Shorts must not be shorter than "finger tip" length.
    Hats can be worn in buildings.
    Bare feet are acceptable at times depending if the student wants to relax.
  • Q2
    Who is responsible for a student's personal electronic device being stolen, lost or damaged?
    The school that it was lost at.
    The student who lost/damaged the device.
  • Q3
    What is one reason why FERPA was established?
    To have people review the students' records frequently
    To make sure that all students are learning at high levels
    To ensure the confidentiality of the information to guarantee parents' and students' to privacy
    To allow students that need extra support receive interventions
  • Q4
    Which is NOT an example of a student that qualifies for McKinney-Vento Assistance?
    Lives with another person due to the death or incarceration of a parent
    Living in a house with parents
    Sharing housing with another family due to loss of housing
    Lives in a hotel
  • Q5
    Students will be signing an Internet & E-Mail User Agreement Form. What is NOT listed under a "Sanction"?
    Violation may be subject to disciplinary action including expulsion/dismissal
    Law enforcement agencies may be involved
    Violation may result in loss of access
    Violation may result in attending court in front of a judge
  • Q6
    Which is true about medications on campus?
    Only prescription medications need to be stored in the Health Center
    The parent must attend a field trip if the student needs to take medicine
    Students can keep over the counter medicine in their backpack
    All medication must be stored in the Health Center at all times
  • Q7
    What is the minimum and maximum "recommended consequence" for "leaving school grounds without permission"?
    Min- Parent/Student/Admin Conference; Max-2 day suspension
    Min-Lunch Detention; Max-1 day suspension
    Min- Parent/Student/Admin Conference Max-3 day suspension
    Min-1 day suspension; Max-3 day suspension

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