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Studio Recording Review Week Quiz

Quiz by Jon Hawkesford

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  • Q1
    What is the role of a music producer?
    Operating sound equipment during concerts.
    Performing live shows as a musician.
    Creating a marketing plan for an artist.
    Overseeing and managing the recording and production process of a song or album.
    Writing lyrics for songs.
  • Q2
    What skills are required to be a successful music producer?
    Experience in graphic design.
    Ability to play multiple musical instruments.
    Proficiency in social media marketing.
    Musical and technical knowledge. Strong organisation and communication skills.
  • Q3
    Which type of microphone requires external power?
    Ribbon microphone
    Lavalier microphone
    Condenser microphone
    Dynamic microphone
  • Q4
    Which type of microphone is more sensitive?
    Lavalier microphone
    Condenser microphone
    Ribbon microphone
    Dynamic microphone
  • Q5
    What does a microphone's polar pattern do?
    Determines the frequency response of the microphone.
    Controls the microphone's gain.
    Defines the microphone's sensitivity to sound pressure levels.
    Determines the microphone's directionality.
  • Q6
    What is the purpose of a pop filter?
    To protect the microphone from physical damage.
    To try and eliminate plosives
    To eliminate background noise.
    To block unwanted frequency ranges.
  • Q7
    What is the purpose of equalization (EQ) in audio production?
    To regulate the gain of audio signals.
    To adjust the frequency response of audio signals.
    To control the directionality of the microphone.
    To change the tone of a sound
    To provide power to audio devices.
  • Q8
    What does DAW stand for?
    Digital Audio Workstation
    Digital Analog Workstation
    Data Access Window
    Dolphin and Whale
  • Q9
    What does MIDI stand for?
    Multiple Instrument Digital Interface
    Maximum Interface Data Index
    Music Index Data Interface
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • Q10
    What does SPL stand for?
    Sound Person Level
    Sound Power Limit
    Sound Pressure Level
    Software Programming Language
  • Q11
    What does the frequency response of a microphone tell you?
    A microphone's frequency response tells you the brand and model.
    A microphone's frequency response tells you how well it reproduces different frequencies of sound.
    A microphone's frequency response tells you its physical size.
    A microphone's frequency response tells you the color of the microphone.
  • Q12
    What is the diaphragm of a microphone?
    The diaphragm of a microphone is a switch for turning it on and off.
    The diaphragm of a microphone is a type of microphone stand.
    The diaphragm of a microphone is a type of connector used for audio cables.
    The diaphragm of a microphone is a thin membrane that vibrates in response to sound waves.

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