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Studying at Leeds

Quiz by David Benson

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13 questions
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  • Q1

    Where should I go to find the lecture materials?

    Go to MyBeckett and to the correct week on the module page and find the folder marked lectures

    There are no lecture materials

  • Q2

    When should I view lecture materials for the upcoming week?


    Before the first seminar

  • Q3

    What should I do if I’m stuck on a topic?

    Any of the options shown. 

    Find a video or website online that explains the topic

    Ask the tutor for help

    Review the lecture materials or consult a textbook

  • Q4

    How many hours should I study each week per module

    Less than one hour

    100 hours a week

    1000 hours a week

    Around 3-5 hours

  • Q5

    What is the core textbook for Introduction to Applied Maths

    Sadler - Mechanics

    Hreman Melville - Moby Dick

    Dickens -  A Tale of Two Cities

    J.R Tolkien - Lord of The Rings

  • Q6

    Should you only use the core textbook?

    You can only use one textbook

    You can use any textbook so long as it fits the learning outcomes

  • Q7

    What are the weightings of the marks for the Coursework and Exam





  • Q8

    What is plagiarism?

    A type of bread

    Copying someone’s work and pretending it is your own

  • Q9

    Where can I find my tutors contact information?

    Go to MyBeckett and use the link MyTutors

    Type their name into Google an hope for best

  • Q10

    What should I do if I lose the Zoom Link for the Online Class

    Check if it is saved on the browser or written down anywhere

    Find it on MyBeckett on the page: Links to Online Lectures

    Ask another student for it

    Any of the options shown

  • Q11

    What do I need for my class

    A charged laptop, pen and paper, and a calculator

    A Mobile Phone

    A cup of tea

  • Q12

    You should attend tutorials…

    All the time

    When asked to attend 


  • Q13

    I have a query or concern not relating to the Modue. What should I do?

    E-mail the tutor anyway

    Use the contact form in the virtual reception


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