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style and dress quiz

Quiz by rachel rees

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  • Q1
    Which one of the following is the expected requirement for client protection when styling hair?
    Question Image
    Cutting collar
  • Q2
    Which one of the following is a potential consequence of the filter of a hand held dryer not being cleaned regularly?
    Question Image
    It may not dry the hair
    It may blow cold air.
    It may set on fire.
    It may be easier to use.
  • Q3
    Which one of the following is the employee’s responsibility under the current Electricity at Work Regulations?
    Question Image
    To remove all equipment from the work area.
    To dispose of all faulty equipment immediately
    To check all equipment after use for faults.
    To report, label and remove any faulty equipment.
  • Q4
    Why is it important to cool hair prior to dressing out?
    Question Image
    To check the hair is dried properly.
    To ensure the set is maintained.
    To ensure the hair is not too hot to touch
    To maintain client comfort throughout.
  • Q5
    What is the meaning of the term ‘hygroscopic’
    Question Image
    Resists moisture.
    Absorbs moisture.
    Absorbs light.
    Reflects light
  • Q6
    What is the meaning of the term ‘beta keratin’?
    Question Image
    Hair in its newly formed state.
    Hair in its natural state.
    The hairs cuticle scales are raised.
    Hair that has absorbed moisture.
  • Q7
    Which one of the following states how the hair changes from beta to alpha keratin?
    Question Image
    Moisture enters the epidermis.
    Heated styling equipment is used
    Moisture enters the hair structure
    hair is stretched into shape
  • Q8
    Which one of the following is a factor that does not need to be taken into account before the styling process?
    Question Image
    Hair colour.
    Hair density
    Growth patterns
    Degree of curl.
  • Q9
    Which one of the following is it a benefit of providing aftercare advice to the client?
    Question Image
    It maintains salon sales and stylist commission
    It ensures customer satisfaction and return visits.
    a. Enables the stylist to maintain a professional image and service.
    Enables the stylist to finish work on time and achieve sales target.
  • Q10
    Which one of the following is a possible cause of the hair feeling sticky after drying?
    Question Image
    No product applied
    Dryer temperature to warm
    Too much product applied
    Dryer temperature to cool
  • Q11
    Hair is made from what protein?
    Question Image
  • Q12
    The term elasticity describes:
    Question Image
    the hair’s ability to break
    the hair’s ability to curl
    the hairs ability to dry
    the hair’s ability to stretch and return to its original shape
  • Q13
    What are the changes that take place within the hair when blow drying and setting known as?
    Question Image
    temporary changes
    chemical reactions
    physical changes
    allergic reactions
  • Q14
    The part of the hair in which these changes take place is the:
    Question Image
  • Q15
    Which bonds are broken and reformed during a physical process?
    Question Image
    hydrogen bonds
    disulphide links
    sulphur bonds
    peptide bonds

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