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Suffixes 1

Quiz by Cecilia A Perez

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  • Q1

    -s or -es means

    shows possession

    only 1

    comparing to another word


  • Q2

    boxes means

    the box belongs to someong

    the box is full of

    more than 1 box

    the box is able to hold something

  • Q3

    -ed means

    past tense

    present tense

    more than. 1

    future tense

  • Q4

    tried means

    something belongs to 'attempt'

    it has never been attempted

    there is more than 1 attempt

    it has been attempted in the past

  • Q5

    -able means

    comparing to something else

    past tense

    can be done 

    more than 1

  • Q6

    comfortable means

    it provides comfort over and over

    it can have comfort

    there is more than 1 comfort

    it never has comfort

  • Q7

    -er means

    comparing to

    a person who

    past tense

    more than 1

  • Q8

    driver means

    never driven

    something belongs to drive

    more than 1 drive

    someone who drives

  • Q9

    -ful means

    past tense

    full of

    can be done

    more than 1

  • Q10

    painful means

    having pain again and again

    ful of pain

    never having pain

    more than 1 pain


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