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Quiz by Vandy Nusantara

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  • Q1
    What is not function of suggestion?
    To give a plan
    To support something
    To give an idea
    To offer something
  • Q2
    ________ go to the cafe.
    Why don't we
    I think
    We could
  • Q3
    What is the incorrect verb in suggestion?
  • Q4
    Randy : What about visiting in the historical place? Cindy : ____________________________________ What is the accepting suggestion for response the sentence?
    No thanks, I'm busy
    I'm sorry, I don't like that kind place.
    No, I have to go this weekend
    It sounds great.
  • Q5
    We could go to the cinema this weekend. How to decline the suggestion?
    It sounds great
    Why not?
    Sorry, maybe next time.
    Sure, Let's go
  • Q6
    What is the best suggestion for your friend who always comes late?
    I recommend you to drive a car
    I propose you to find a nearest school
    I advice you to get school faster
    I suggest you to set your alarm and sleep early.
  • Q7
    What will you suggest when your friend got a bad mark?
    I suggest that you have to sleep early
    I suggest that you have to keep your money in your bag
    I suggest that you have to have breakfast in the morning
    I suggest that you have to study hard
  • Q8
    Your brother is getting hungry. What will you suggest to him?
    You should cook a bowl of noodle
    You do not have to eat if you could drink something
    You should go to the restaurant
    You could hold your hungry until mother comes
  • Q9
    What is the correct suggestion for the picture above?
    Question Image
    We could go to book store
    Let's buy some breads
    Why don't you go to the toilet
    Let's buy some books
  • Q10
    What is the best suggestion for the situation above?
    Question Image
    I suggest that you should give the wallet to your mother
    I propose that you have to buy a new wallet
    I recommend that you have to find out the wallet right now
    I advice that you should keep your a little money in the bank

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